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Molly Cornez has troubles in life. Her mom and dad kicked her out. She has special powers. Robin, her older brother and Brianna, her BFF are the only people that live in her life. Will she able to save herself before she dies?
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Chapter 1 of 6 - Intoduction

I woke to the sound of my iPhone, ringing. I winced as the sun's bright light hit my eyes. I'm a 13 year-old girl, who has a brother named Robin. My name is Molly Cornez. And I have the powers to turn invisible, and I can change into things. I also have photographic memory, by the way. I cry blood, also! And my eyes turn red when I'm MAD! But, normally, they are a very dark black! I have no friends, but my brother, Robin, he's 14 years old. He's normal, but I'm not. I'm creepy, strange, and kinda cringy. And, I'm unappreciated. Nobody stands by my side, but of course Robin. Not even my parents stand by my side. But that doesn't bother me. My dad wants to kill me and my mom wants me locked up in my room. I gotta go eat my breakfast right now. But, I didn't tell you I could teleport things, did I? Well, no more talking about myself. I checked my phone and found a bunch of text messages from Robin, mom, and my older sister: Dakota. 17 year-old. She just went out the house whose lat words were: “I'm going shopping. Be back in 30 minutes or so!” If you give Dakota $100, it's like you gave her Paradise! She texted me saying: “Wake up Snoozey Pants! Where are u? Still locked up? BRB!” And I responded to her. Robin texted: “Hey, what's going on? I responded saying: “Nothing really, you?” School's out, so I stay locked up in my room, watching, texting, reading, drawing, ET CETRA! “Bamm! Oh man, oh man, I'm the man, bet you can't do like I can!” Sorry! That was my phone's ringtone. I LOVE the movie Z-O-M-B-I-E-S!, so I just copied it. My brother is calling, face-timing me on Zoom. I answer, looks like he's walking our pet German shepherd dog, Spice. She's cute and nice. Whenever she comes in my room, I pet her, talk to her and she listens. And this is how the conversation went like: M: Hey, what's wrong? R: Nothing. Just wanted to see how you're doing cause you know, you locked up and stuff. Took Spice for a walk. M: Everything's fine, you know. Well, um… cool. I'll just change into an ant and come over to you, all right? R: Uh……. Are you sure about that? M: Totally! I've always stalked you just in case you didn't notice. R: WOAH! Ookay! See ya, Molly! M: Bye, Robin. I changed into a hoodie that says :Unappreciated” cuz I am and blue wash jeans. And I just have to say what I'm turning into and BOOM!, I'm an ant. I walked past Mom and Dad and to the door. I changed back to myself. I know where Robin is, I saw a sign that says, “Sundae street”, and went there. “BOO!” I said, and that's sure to make him scream “Oh my gosh! I tell you to stop doing that!” But he wasn't really mad. We got our apologies and were on our way. We walked and walked and eventually got tired and sat on a bench, I was texting Dakota and Mom, and went to this KidsChat website. If you ever get on, here's the link: https://www.kidschat.net/chat.html. You're welcome! I put my username as Demonqueen112 and I found one! Her username is Brianna13 and she's SUPER-DUPER nice! I promise, well, if you be nice to her back, duh! She's also 13 years old. I told her if she could come over and for her phone number. She said yes and gave me hers. Well, I got to get myself ready. My black hair and red highlights are perfect and I always am pretty, so yeah! Time to see my new BFF! Well, maybe, but still.


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