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Two Twins, Two Lives

When you're a twin, people seem to thing you and your twin are very similar. Not in Goldy and Silver's case! These two twins couldn't be more different. However, as they transition into high school, the siblings must find a way to balance each other out. If not, it could send the whole school crashing down...
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Chapter 1 of 13 - Meet the twins!

Goldy and Silver Mellows were rumored to be born hugging each other. Maybe that's why they were so close. Their mom was part angel and part demon, and their dad was literally made of valuable metals. Goldy had long, bright yellow hair that faded to gray, and inherited her mom's angel wings and halo, although it may have been better suited for her brother, Silver. Silver had spiky, gray hair that faded into a nice yellow, with two gray demon horns perched on his head. These twins were just as different as their appearances: Silver was extremely mature and dignified, always reading quietly or baking up a yummy cake. Goldy was quite the contrary: She found pleasure in harmless pranks, and she always was laughing, always acting very silly and getting distracted easily (she also never cooked anything but fire with her hands). Even though these two were as different as cats and dogs, they were often thought to be more like day and night: so different, yet they can't exist without the other. With them, it was both for one, one for both. That was also their biggest problem: they were twins. When you're a twin, a lot of people happen to think that you and your twin share a life. However, Goldy and Silver wanted to live different lives, have different lovers, and more. That's quite a con of having a twin when everyone expects you to be basically the same person... BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!! The alarm clock went off, echoing through the room. Silver sat up, his hair wild and weird, and stretched. Suddenly, Goldy burst through the door, clanging two pots together. "WAKEY WAKEY- Oh, you're already up," she said, laughing and lowering the pots. "Yeah, I'm up and ready to beat you with my sandals!" Silver joked as she ran out of the room. He got changed into his favorite outfit: a casual gray suit with a pair of darker-gray ripped jeans. As Silver approached the large dining table, his mom, dressed in a nice white suit, greeted him warmly. "Hello, son. Is your sister up, yet?" she asked while frying some bacon on a griddle. "Yes, ma'am," Silver replied, giving his mom a slight bow. "Alright then, because I have a special surprise for you two!" Mrs. Mellows exclaimed. After about fifteen minutes, Goldy came downstairs, and the three began eating. "So, your father and I have arranged a surprise for you two," Mrs. Mellows said, suppressing a smile. "What is it?" Goldy asked, stuffing her mouth hilariously with hashbrowns and bacon. "Well..." their mom started. "Half of your entire class will be transferring from Aiden Oak's Middle and High School to Sakura Springs Academy! And guess what? You'll be transferring as well!" "Wait, really?! How many students?!" Silver and Goldy exclaimed. "About twenty. You'll also be receiving dorms after you've settled in!" Mrs. Mellows said. "Wow, Mom... thanks so much! I've always wanted to go to Sakura Springs!" Goldy squealed, hugging her mom. "Me too. Thank you so much, Mom!" Silver agreed. "Now, the bus will arrive in thirty minutes, so you should probably get your bookbags together!" Mrs. Mellows said, motioning towards the twins' bags. With that, Goldy and Silver began excitedly preparing for the school day ahead of them.


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