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I was in primary school. Year 5/6 ish. A little boy from Reception didn't want to eat his food. However, things escalated quickly...
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Chapter 1 of 1 - What was his problem?!

This is quite a short story, I just wanted to tell someone as it was kinda funny. It was lunch time at my primary school. I was in Year 5/6, I can't quite remember as it was quite a while ago. A little boy from the Reception who was on the same table as my friends (I was on the table next to it), did not want to eat his food. (and really, who can blame him? School dinners are foul) My friend, who we'll call Elsa, was encouraging him to eat. "Come on, just a few more mouthfuls, well done!" that sort of stuff. He was only four, he started eating immediately, with a smile on his face. Once he finished, he was so proud of himself and Elsa was praising him like mad.I looked at Elsa and gave her a thumbs up. However, after she said "You'll grow up big and strong!" a boy from another table butted in. We'll call him Thomas. "Ha! No you won't, you'll just get really fat!" in a snarky tone. Considering this kid was about four and Thomas was Year 4/5 this would have hurt. The little boy immediately started crying and Thomas was laughing. I was furious. I got up from my table and strode straight over to him. "What is your problem?!" I remember saying, and started having a go at him, while at the same time trying to comfort the little boy. Soon enough, the dinner ladies noticed I was standing up and that there was an argument going on, and came over. They told Thomas off, and said well done to me for standing up for the boy, but maybe to have left it to the teachers next time. However, I wasn't letting it go that easily. Now, Thomas was very particular about his hair. He always had it immaculately gelled and combed. So, when I finished my lunch, I went out to the playground to find him. Eventually, I saw him, lying upside down on the slide, trying to be cool. I marched over to him and still full of rage, messed up his hair. OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE, HOW VICIOUS OH MY GOD. I know, I know, not very insane. I was in primary school for gods sake. Well, he took it badly. He got off the slide and ran towards me, furious. I was a year older than him, but taken by surprise, and backed away. He wasn't that much smaller than me. He grabbed my arms, twisted them behind my back and slammed me into the fence, kicking my legs. I didn't have time to react, it was fast. Suddenly, I hear a " THOMAS SURNAME WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING" and he let go of my arms. It was the headteacher, Mrs Karen-Lord! I didn't like the headteacher at all, but at that moment, she was my saviour. She took him straight into her office, and from what I heard from his classmates, kept him in there for 15 minutes, telling him off. I will add, by the way, she didn't even ask if I was okay, or even talk to me, she was too busy, yelling at him. Still, I went home that day satisfied.

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