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Chapter 11 - Out of Hiding

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As Lina and Belladonna Immediately started kissing, and Mira and Candlewick were starting a Human-Ghost relationship, Wendy sat pouting. She was fully straight, and Spirit? “Ughhh couples. I'm A-Sexual, and love is overrated.” She groaned. Wendy stayed there, her pouts turning into tears. “You saved us.” Said a voice, making Wendy jump. “Oh, sorry, I'm Dale.” Said the man behind Wendy. “You saved the tricksters who went into hiding. I can turn invisible. Thank you. We all do.” Wendy blushed. “I'm Wendy, I can turn raindrops to fire. How old are you?” She asked. “I'm 16.” “18.” Said Dale. Acting cute. “So, wanna, get, uh, ice cream?” She asked nervously. “Sure, Wendy. Or the prettiest girl I've ever seen.” Dale said, smirking. Wendy turned bright red. At the ice cream place. They chatted and chatted. And well, Dale kissed her. They got together. DENDY HAS SPROUTED. With Mira and Candlewick. “How can a ghost and a human get together?” Mira asked Candlewick. “When the love is strong enough.” Candlewick said. “How can we kiss, or hug?” Mira asked. “I will be a solid ghost. I go through everything but you.” Candlewick said, somehow blushing. Mira had tears slowly rolling down of her face. She wanted to have her back. While still crying, Candlewick made herself solid for Mira. “Done.” She said. Mira ran over to her, grabbed her face, and kissed her. Happy them :). With Lina and Belladonna. They were chatting and getting to know secrets. They officially established their relationship, and became the happiest couple ever. They all lived in harmony now, planning to get rig of other trickster-hating gangs, and getting interviews for being so brave. In their free time, Wendy took pottery classes. Mira took martial arts. Candlewick stayed hidden. Spirit practiced Celtic Wicca. (Weirdo). Belladonna had a garden. Lina sold art. Dale had a boat. They all had fun. And they were safe. The end... Wait, you didn't think that THIS was the end, did you? Well, it's not.

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