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Tricksters Book 2

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Chapter 1 - Intro

Belladonna, Candlewick, Spirit, Lina, Mira, Wendy, and Dale fight trickster-hating gangs every minute they can. How they fight? Here we go.... Belladonna grew poisonous flowers to hurt them. Candlewick creeped them out and gave them burns. Spirit summoned more dead tricksters to fight. Lina blinded them. Mira basically flipped-kicked them while screaming “SUP F**KERS!” Wendy also burned them. Dale turned invisible and beat them up. They all have different methods of fighting. It's cool to see how they do it. They all have theme songs too. Belladonna: “Moonlight” Grace VanderWaal. Candlewick: “you should see me in a crown” Billie Eilish. Spirit: “Lie” VAVA. Lina: “Rainbow” VAVA. Mira: “Queen is Back” VAVA. Wendy: “Break The Rules” Charli XCX. Dale: “Walking the Wire” Imagine Dragons. They are all the best of friends. They are so close. They know everything about each other. And they congratulated by going to Pat's Dogs hot dog parlor. And, well, got kissy. Well, now you know the basics. To be continued......


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