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Tricksters Book 2

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Chapter 4 - The Child

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Everyone turned to Dale. “What?” He said. Mira and Lina charged at him. “You foul scum! You got our best friend pregnant!!!” They yelled. “It was an accident!” Dale cried. “I don't care!” Said Candlewick and Belladonna, joining the group. Then Spirit, then Nurse Maggie... they all were chasing him, scolding him. “Guys, stop!” Wendy yelled. “It's fine!” “Yooooou'reee toooo yoooouunggg!” Screamed Lina. “I DON'T CARE!” Wendy yelled. They all stopped. Okay, quick lesson. Trickster born babies are different. They only are in for about 2 months. They can walk, talk and run at 1 month old. This child will be helpful to the group. Wendy told the group all of that, as she had been studying. “But how will you fight pregnant?” Asked Mira. “Have you ever read The Land of Stories?” “Yes.” Said everyone in unison. “Well, then I'm Goldilocks. Dale's Jack. Mira is Alex. Belladonna is Connor. Candlewick is Grandma. Lina is Bree. Spirit is Mother Goose. Make sense?” Said Wendy. “Actually, yes.” Said Spirit, and everyone agreed. To be continued....


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