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Tricksters Book 2

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Chapter 3 - Sickness and Injuries

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They all were at the new house. It had been 6 days since Belladonna had been stabbed in the arm. She was cuddling on the couch, crying, with Lina and Nurse Maggie to comfort her. Dale and Wendy were on the couch, as Wendy did not feel good. Candlewick, Spirit, and Mira were planning, again, like normal. “Shhh, shhhh, it's okay.” Said Nurse Maggie to comfort Belladonna. Lina simply cuddled her. “Guys, we need to figure out who did this!” Said Mira. “Dale, Wendy, why aren't you guys over here?” Asked Spirit. “I fell sick.” Said Wendy, getting up and running to the bathroom. Dale joined the planning. “I need a weapon. Like a stick.” Dale suggested. “Beating people up hurts my hands.” “Okay, Candlewick, go find a stick.” Said Spirit. “Ughh okay.” Said Candlewick. They heard awful sounds from the bathroom. “I'll go check on her...” Said Nurse Maggie. When she got to the bathroom, she said “Take a pregnancy test. Just do it.” “Okay.” Said Wendy. Nurse Maggie told everyone what she did, just in case. “Uh, guys?” Wendy called, popping her head out of the bathroom door, “I'm pregnant!” To be continued.....


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