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Tricksters Book 2

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Chapter 2 - Plans and screams

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They were all doing things. Belladonna was in the shower, singing really bad and off-key. And loud. Lina was waiting outside. Spirit, Mira, and Candlewick were planning to attack the next gang. Lina decided to answer the door wen nurse Maggie came for fun. Dale and Wendy were cuddling on the couch, asleep after binge watching Harry Potter. Lina and Nurse Maggie were catching up. “So, you got together with Bellina?” Maggie asked. “BellaDONNA. Yes, we did get together. She's adorable.” Lina said. “Awww.” And they continued catching up. Mira, Candlewick, and Spirit were making plans. “Okay, so I will be summoning, Candlewick you will be giving the stronger ones burns, and Mira, uhhh, flip kick someone while holding a knife.” “Okay, sounds good.” Said Mira. Candlewick slowly nodded. Then there was a scream. Everyone ran to the bathroom, and found Belladonna, passed out, wrapped in a towel. Her left arm was covered in blood. “Who did this?.....” said Lina. “I don't know, but we have to leave.” Mira responded. To be continued.....


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