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Transfer student

At McArver Middle School, Kayla, Layla, Jay, and Mark had someone new at their school. A transfer student. Will you find out the mystery?
parts: 5

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Chapter 1 of 5 - The Girl Named Anne

Layla and Kayla Sounder were going to school at McArver Middle School. They couldn't wait to see their friends, Jay and Mark. When they got to school, they met up with Jay and Mark. "Hey, guys!" Jay exclaimed. " Hi! " said Kayla and Layla. Mark nodded. "Have you guys heard that there is a transfer student?" Jay said. " I wonder who they are? " They all started thinking. Layla thought, I wonder if we can be friends. Hopefully she's nice. "Lets go see who they are!" said Kayla. They walked to their class, math, hoping that the transfer student was there. They hung up their backpacks and chose their desks. Mr. Gaster said, " Anne, please come up and introduce yourself. " They saw a slim girl with black hair walk up to Mr. Gaster. They all looked at each other. "Hi, my name is Anne Rogerts. I hope we can be friends." She muttered. She walked back to her seat in the back of the classroom. All eyes were on her. "Oh, please, stop staring at Anne!" Mr. Gaster said. " Turn to page 5 in The Guide To Arithmetic. " The class finally looked back at their books.


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