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Torn Apart

When Skylar's mom announces that they are moving to a new country, Skylar has to start a new life, with new friends and a new school, Leaving her best friend Alex behind....Alex makes her a promise that they'll remain best friends, but will she be able to keep that promise?
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Chapter 1 of 3 - The bad news

I was 13 at the time and I remember so clearly that night when my mom told me we were going to moving. It took a few seconds for me to realize I was not just leaving my home, but also my best friend Alex. Me and Alex have been best friends since the first day of school. I remember walking into school, and Alex was there beside me. He was the first friend I had ever made, We became friends with just a simple "Hey I'm Alex wanna play with me?" I looked into his light hazel eyes, and up to his light brown hair, And replied Yes sure I'm Skylar! He was the type of boy that could make you smile without even trying, and make you laugh with a simple sentence. I then heard my mother say something, and snapped back to reality. Tears filled Dark brown eyes and dripped onto my light freckled cheeks. My mother stroked my dirty blonde hair, and said, "Me and your dad really love you Skylar, but you know we are struggling with money and this job that I got offered could really help us!"I pulled out of my mothers tight embrace and ran up to my brother Brooke's room (who's 3 years older than me).


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