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This is a mess

This is a story about 14-year-old Phoenix Miracle, who has been accused of killing her Best friend. She hasn't done it but no one believes her. Her parents are thrilled about the thought of Phoenix being in Jail since she and her parents never had a normal parent-child relationship. Phoenix is forced to flee the city as everyone is on the hunt for her. She has no money, food, clothes, but will have to find a way to take care of herself.
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Chapter 1 of 6 - The policemen

I was sitting on the floor of our house on a Sunday when Someone knocked on the door. "Get the door Phoenix!" Mom barked. I sighed and stood up with a grunt. When I looked through the peek hole on the door, I gasped. There was not only one, two, but five Police-men outside! I inched back, as I was always scared of the gun they had around. "Theres like 5 policemen outside!" I called. In about three seconds, my mom was at the door. She pushed me out of the way and put on a fake smile. then she opened the door and in a falsely sweet tone, she said, "Welcome, Police officers! What brings you here today?" The policeman in the middle said, "Does Phoenix Miracle live here?" in a gruff voice. Mom looked surprised, but quickly recovered and said "Oh yes, infact the young girl next to me is her!" All the policemen turned to me and gave me a disgusted look. In a few seconds of silence, mom stammered, "Wh-why don't you come inside?" and led them all inside. Once we were all seated comfortably, the biggest and scariest policeman said, "So, a few days before, Lily Fox has been murdered." I gasped and tears ran down my face. Lily was my best friend since kindergarten! I couldn't believe this. When was her funeral?! I wanted to visit her one last time. This must have been why all the policemen came. To tell us this. "And we have investigated the crime, and we believe it was murder." The policeman continued. "We also have been trying to find out who did it, and all the evidence points to Ms. Phoenix Miracle." They couldn't be serious. Me, murder my best friend?!? It was an impossible thought. my mom, on the other hand, looked like she won a $10,000,000 lottery. "Uhh, Really?!?" she said, trying (but failing) to hide her excitement. "Yes," The policeman said. "She has a trial on Sunday. It's over here." he gave my mom a map where the court was. My mom and the policemen discussed the timing and other stuff, and then they left. After they were gone, my mom turned to me with a nasty grin on her face. "Hear that!?" she said, the happiest I'd ever seen her in front of me. "You have a trial on Sunday," she exclaimed. Then, like her usual self, she started ranting about how expensive it would be to send me to jail because apparently, the police had said it cost about $30,000 to stay in jail for a year. And since I had 'murdered' someone, I would have to stay there for about 10 years. There was no way my future was being whisked away like that. I slowly walked over to my room, while my mom screeched, "Don't you go ignoring me, young lady!" but I would ignore her. And possibly, this would be one of my last conversations with her, becaus I was going to run away. For good.


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