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This is a mess

This is a story about 14-year-old Phoenix Miracle, who has been accused of killing her Best friend. She hasn't done it but no one believes her. Her parents are thrilled about the thought of Phoenix being in Jail since she and her parents never had a normal parent-child relationship. Phoenix is forced to flee the city as everyone is on the hunt for her. She has no money, food, clothes, but will have to find a way to take care of herself.
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Chapter 5 of 6 - What The-

IT WAS LILY!! I couldn't believe this! She was alive! No one really murdered her! "Surprised to see me?" she said, flipping her hair. "H-how are you alive?" I stammered. She gave a delicate chuckle. "Don't you get it, Phoenix? I was never murdered. I just faked death to get you in trouble." She laughed once again. "What? WHY!" I yelled at her. "WHAT DID I DO?!?" "What did I do?" she mimicked. "Oh, you started it, remember? Last week?" Lily said angrily. I thought back to all the things I had done last week. "What did I do?" I asked genuinely. "Oh, I don't know, you may have let my biggest secret in the entire universe spill..?" she yelled sarcastically. I thought back again, but really hard. Then I got it. "Your biggest secret was you still watched My Little Pony?!?" I asked disbelievingly. "Well, duh!" she said. "I'm the most popular girl in school. What will people think if I told them I watched it!?" I looked at her disbelievingly. "SO YOU DECIDE TO FRAME ME FOR MURDER!?!" "Well, yeah," she said casually. I had it with her. I shoved her down and punched her twice. "OWW!" she yelped. "What was that for!?" I ignored her, and then I spotted a huge metal stick a few feet away. I grabbed the stick and inched towards her. She seemed to realize what I was gonna do, so she shuffled backwards, with a scared look in her eyes. I didn't wait any longer, and I closed my eyes and swung the metal stick towards her head. A loud thump told me I had succeeded.


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