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This is a mess

This is a story about 14-year-old Phoenix Miracle, who has been accused of killing her Best friend. She hasn't done it but no one believes her. Her parents are thrilled about the thought of Phoenix being in Jail since she and her parents never had a normal parent-child relationship. Phoenix is forced to flee the city as everyone is on the hunt for her. She has no money, food, clothes, but will have to find a way to take care of herself.
parts: 6

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Chapter 4 of 6 - OMG

I woke up at around 5 pm. I was first very confused about where I was, but then I remembered everything. I slowly stood up, looking around. I just realized that I probably had to change my name. Hmm.. This was going to be fun. What name had I always wanted to be? I got it. My favourite name in the whole entire world was Katie, from the Netflix series Alexa and Katie. I always loved how big of a friend Katie was. I mean, she cut off all her hair just so Alexa would feel better about cancer! Now I was Katie Howell. I slowly peeked outside my home, to see if there was anyone outside. Nope! So then I walked outside, trying to look casual, and made my way over to an alley, since I knew the shortcuts around there. I hurried through, and quickly found my way to the tiny barbershop. I opened the door, and the tiny bells rang in a merry sound. "Umm, hello?" I said nervously. A stout old man with a goatee shuffled outside and said "What do you want." "I was wondering if I could buy some red hair dye..?" I said in the same nervous tone. He grunted, and limped over to a dusty section of the store and took out 3 shades of red and passed them to me. I chose the cheapest and paid for it. After that was done, I went back into the alley, and strolled down, examining the hair dye once more, to make sure it wouldn't ruin my hair. A few seconds later though, I quickly realized something was wrong. I had the weirdest feeling of someone following me, so I turned around, and what I saw behind me was something you wouldn't believe.


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