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This is a mess

This is a story about 14-year-old Phoenix Miracle, who has been accused of killing her Best friend. She hasn't done it but no one believes her. Her parents are thrilled about the thought of Phoenix being in Jail since she and her parents never had a normal parent-child relationship. Phoenix is forced to flee the city as everyone is on the hunt for her. She has no money, food, clothes, but will have to find a way to take care of herself.
parts: 6

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Chapter 2 of 6 - Running Away

I was going to run away. Not like little kids did, go at breakfast and come back at supper, but I would legit never come back. I know, I know, you might be thinking I'd rushed through things, but come on. I was being accused of murder, my whole life would be ruined, no college, no studies, no nothing. I wasn't going to stand by and let that happen, obviously. I was going to do something about it. Runaway. And that was honestly the best decision I had ever made. I took my old and smelly backpack, and I started packing. The things I packed were very limited since my backpack could only handle so much until it broke. I packed: 1. 8 t-shirts 2. 1 pair of denim shorts 3. 1 pair of sweatpants 4. 3 pairs of shorts 5. 1 thick jacket 6. 1 thin jacket 7. 1 swimsuit 8. some food 9. 150 dollars (stolen from my mom) 10. The longest water bottle I could find 11. My favourite stuffed animal 12. My phone 13. My computer 14. My chargers 15. Earplugs 16. The book my friends gave me of all our adventures together 17. scissors After those things were in my backpack, I shoved it in my closet, in case my mom came in my room. I just had to wait until midnight, then I could go. ~~~~~ At Midnight ~~~~~ I woke up with a start. The alarm I'd set was VERY loud, and unfortunately, my mom was a light sleeper. That gave me a disadvantage since I had to move fast. I slipped on my backpack and looked down my window. Eh. The distance was fine. It was not that much that I would break my head, but it wasn't that low that my feet could reach. I jumped outside and fell on my butt. After I'd gotten out of the house, I creeped out, towards the main street. There were a few people there, mainly people that smoked or were drunk. I crossed the road and looked around. Now that I'd escaped, I needed a new place to live. I looked around for about an hour, and then I found the perfect place.


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