The weird romance kid

Alex has good and bad news at school. He has a girlfriend, but he doesn't know if she really likes him. Read this story to find out what Alex does to stop this romance mixed fantasy adventure.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Thinking about it

Alex Diffson shuffled in his seat. The hot sunlight shining on is body made him feel even more nervous for the first day at middle school. His head was full of worries.What if his classmates made fun of his too-creative mind? Or perhaps, maybe even flunk the grade?His teacher, Mrs. Snides, was as strict as the meanest teacher he could've imagined. He didn't know what was going to happen in middle school because in the past years, he'd been homeschooled. Yes, homeschooled. That was why he was the least populaur-est kid (as the bad-grammar kids called it ), in probaly the whole, entire school. Alex's dad, Mr. Diffson reared the car into a sharp turn.The car slammed into a nearby tree. Alex collasped and helped himself up. " Great snake bits", Alex's dad groaned." You stupid boy!" He turned and glared at Alex."We're gonna be late! Again! Have you no shame, kid?!"Alex stumbled out.His throat was dry as ever." N-n-no siirrr..." When they got the vehicle running again, Alex felt like he was going to puke.

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