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The Voice

Verity has know she was different all her life. But, never knew what made her different. After her parents go missing she goes to find them...and that is were it ALL starts...This story has, hate, mystery, romance, and most of all... EXCITEMENT!!!

Created by: ZoomGirl

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Chapter 1 of 1 - The Start

A woman runs down the long dark rows. "You cant hide!!" shouts a deep, dark voice. The woman keeps running. She turns over her shoulder and sees a dark shadowy man look at her. She runs even faster. "STOP!!! You know you will be caught!!" he says. "NO!!!!!!" "Yes!! Give me the key!" The woman stops running. "Never..." she says. "Fine...then I will get ride of you and your husband then I will get the key." "NO!!" she cries. "Yes! And you will never get in my way again!!!!!!" "Ahhhh…" Ten years later: A young girl walks down the street. Cars zoom past her. She squirms through a crowd. She sees a man who looks rich. She walks causally up to him. She strategically pretends to bump into him. "Oh! I am soo sorry!" she says. "That's alright." the man says giving her his hand. She grabs it and he pulls her up. "You should be more careful!" he warns. Verity nods smiles. "Sorry …again." She walks as he turns around. Verity reaches down and snatches his wallet. "HEY!!" he yells turning around. She rushes off. "STOP HER!!!!!!!!" she hears him yell. Verity runs even faster. She hears footsteps running behind her. Suddenly someone tackles her to the ground. "Get off me!!" she yells. "Get off the girl!!" says the rich man. The person gets off of her. A crowd had gathered and Verity heard sirens. She glared at the man from on the floor. "What is going on here!!!" says an officer. The man steps forward and rips the wallet out of her hand. "You need to make sure you don't pocket the wrong person!" he says walking away. "Come on, missy!" says an officer grabbing her and pulling her up. He led her to the police car and pushed her in.

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