The Tombs of the Unknown

Three sisters enter a house rumored to be haunted. Their visit will begin a chain of events that will lead them to discover a family secret that may bound them to this house forever.
parts: 11

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Chapter 1 of 11 - Prologue

Under the grass, under the dirt, beneath the soggy soil, there was a bare tombstone. Why wasn't this tombstone visible? You ask. Well, during the 1800s, there was a coal factory. Children no younger than eight were dumped by their parents and forced to work in order for survival. Thousands died each day from the dark, dusty air to being neglected, only fed moldy, stale, unmeaningful bread and dirty, acid water. If you tried to run away, wasted food, or didn't finish your duties, you would be hung. You would only receive 10 seconds for last words. The others were forced to watch as another innocent, friendly soul be banished from this beautiful place. On the other hand, they felt happy for him, for he would not be able to breath in the dying air; he would be in a better place. They didn't want to die, but they would risk anything just to have clean air and luxurious food. There was a man named Joe, he despised everyone in his sight, didn't care if any had souls or not, to him they should be seen and not heard. Was there at least one gentle soul? You ask. Why yes, there was, Paul was his name. Unlike Joe, he cared for the children; he was the only one who could see the hurt in their innocent, loveable eyes. For he too was sacrificed to this prison. He hated to see their little arms burned, their little legs cut, their stomachs so thin, so thin you could easily identify their oh so little organs. One faithful day, he sees enough, too many innocent lives being taken away, too many tears, too many weeps. He can no longer be strong; he must find a way to save the rest. He figures the only possible way is to burn it down, a risk he is not willing to take, but there was no other way. The children see the fire, they try to put it out, “Leave the fire, for Heaven's sake, leave the fire.”, but they couldn't, it wasn't in their heart. Paul, the only survivor, couldn't take that he had risked so many lives. Why did the only way of freedom cause a price? He ponders and ponders the thought. Crying and crying himself to sleep. He decides suicide is the only way to solve his problems. He picks up a butcher knife and puts it close to his trachea. Then he stops, he hears the laughter of his three beautiful girls, they could never know, they could never know what happened on that tragic day. In its place stood a house, a house like no other. Covered with mountains of trees, on a slumped hill was an old woman. Day after day, she walks to the place where her grandson died. She has her faults, at night she set out to destroy every person who was in the factory, living or dead. She doesn't torture everyone the same way, but what she does is inhuman, undespicable, and unforgiving. She sees that she has two victims left to diminish. Joe the fiend and Paul the angel. Why would she hurt someone who tried to save everyone's life? She felt that her grandson would want it that way.


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