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The Shadow

Rhea was such a fantasy dreamer, dreaming that once the world was full of magical things, unicorns that the Chinese wouldn't eat, dragons from the ocean and much more. But her Fantasy changed, everything, after she met The Shadow in the worse way possible...
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Chapter 1 of 12 - Run Away!

I wake up with a start, sweat dripping down my forehead making it quite hard not to itch. I run my fingers through my hair with a sigh. I didn't need to look at my clock to see what time it was. I always have night mares during this hour, 3:00 pm. My parents knew this of course for I tell them everything. I giggle to my self knowing nothing is wrong, right? I throw my blankets off of me, jump off of my bed and walk to the bathroom. As I turn on the bathroom light, I smile at my reflection, but it did not look like me. My dark brown eyes twinkled with gold and my curly brown hair with traces of red was of course there, but blood was smeared on my head. I stare wondering how in the world this happen? I shrug to myself not really caring, so I run cold water on my hands to my face. But it kept coming. I walk to my parents bedroom, and open the door to see if one of them were awake so I could tell them, or more like check on them. I look to see the bed in the middle of the room empty. Not an living soul. wondering if this was a dream, I look at the bed to see blood all over. I gasp, tears of fear come to my eyes. I run towards my siblings rooms, thinking blood was there also. I cover my ears as if it would protect me from the horror on the walls. Blood was smeared everywhere. Even on the doors of their rooms. I stand in front of their rooms, only hearing my rigid breathing in the air. I become lightheaded and so frighten I think I'd faint. My heart pounds so loud I bet people from outer space could hear it. I take small steps towards those doors, my hands behind my back, like I'm under arrested or something. I hear a little voice squeak in my sister, Addie's room. Life came back to me and I got Addie by her arm and tears of joy came to my eyes. "Sista? why are you in my room??" Addie asks, staring at me with cute puppy eyes. I shrug, then I run into my bro's room, Case's room. He was alive to, thank God! He whines. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I pull him out of his room any way. "Use the restroom the two of you," I say in a frantic voice "and go downstairs and get some snacks". "why" they ask concerned. "Just do it!" I say not meaning to make Addie cry. I sigh, and then they did what I wanted them to do and I found a backpack and gave it to them without an word. I could tell that Addie knew something bad was happening since she was listening to me for the first time. I went down stairs for the food to because I did not want to leave them alone, and I got other supplies. Then all the sudden I hear screams outside of the house. I shudder, and cry at the same time, although I'm a 14 year old. The all the sudden the door to the room I'm in shuts. I scream a bit.. and look around.. "what is the matter little darling??" I jump. "W-w-who's t-there..." I manged to say. I hear a beautiful laugh somewhere in this room. It felt like the laugh was everywhere. Tears streamed down my face, as I see an shadow shaped of a man walk toward me. I back against the wall shaking all over. It looks like he's grinning like an Cheshire cat. Then it seemed he looked human but not human. Not from earth. An knife was in his hand and he was so close to me I could feel his breath on my face. I closed my eyes, then I hear the sound of my brother and sister yelling, "Rhea, what now...where are you!!???" I yell "GO Outside I MEET YOU THERE!" Then I push past this scary dude, and jump out an closed window, without thinking about my fear of heights. yep I jumped out of a window two stories high. I scream as I fell so quickly. As I did so my fantasy friends in my head was swarming across my mind saying "at least there's an soft bush" It was kinda soft I guess. But I felt the impact in my lungs. Then I look to see my sister and brother gaping, gasping, shuddering, terrified. Chase grabs my hand, and runs. I guess he knows. "Oh R-rhea I got a bible in case." Says my 8 year old sister smiling and not at same time. I smile back. We run very slow for I hurt so bad. Then 12 year old Chase stops, shuddering. "why did you stop Chase?" Addie asks. He didn't say a word. "Well, well you three are running like slugs" Oh no he followed us! "Great jump girl!" He says as he winks at me. I gasp. He chuckles, then my brother who does fight or flee when something bad happens, flees out of no where, pulling me and Addie along. Then Chase screams. "UGH! Leave us alone creep!!!" I scream. "Oh why do I have too?" He says, circling us like predator and prey. I try to help Chase, but I couldn't move a bit. Addie wails like an baby, but this is the time too. "The rules do not apply to me whatever they are." He smiles so big so creepy I hear his voice in my head. "why so scared...." If he can talk in my mind he might know how to read it! His red eyes stare at me while Chase screams do not falter. Addie lies sprawled on the ground. Here I stand all "safe" when Addie and Chase are screaming to death!!! I do want to hide so much...Oh beautiful creep go away...I wish I can talk! Then everything goes slow, slow motion. My eyes flutter, while The Shadow keeps coming. Then all Turns dark. Help?


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