The owl of terror

It's Halloween night and three friends decided to go to the abandoned house at midnight. On the way home a owl attacks.
parts: 2

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Chapter 1 of 2 - The owl

"Let's go to that abandoned house on Halloween at midnight", said Hazel to her best friends. "I don't think it's a good idea Hazel", said Hazel's friend Brenda. "Come on it will be fun", said Hazel. "Alright", said Brenda. "Great", said Hazel. On Saturday, Hazel and her group of friends got their parents to drop them off at Party City to buy Halloween costumes. They all decided to be witches, queens, and vampires. After they were done buying their costumes, they walked to the McDonald's next door for lunch. They all ordered quarter pounders, fries, and coke to drink. A half hour later, their parents picked them up. As Hazel was being taken home, she yelled out, "crap, I didn't grab my fries for later", but Hazels mom didn't go back. When Hazel got home twenty minutes later, she went to her bedroom to try on her vampire costume she had bought at Party City and it fit perfectly. One week later, it was finally Halloween night. Hazel and her friends met up in front of Hailey's house, because her neighborhood had the best candy and was closest to the abandoned house. Five minutes before midnight, they all walked up to the abandoned house and waited for midnight to enter. At midnight, Hazel bravely grabbed the door knob and pulled on it till the door creaked open. After a couple minutes of just peeking in, they entered. First they walked into a living room with a massive run down looking fireplace. Next, they entered the dinning room with cobwebs in every corner. As they entered the kitchen, they saw stains everywhere. They decided to stay the night, if their parents said yes. All their parents said yes, except for Brenda, so she walked out. A couple minutes later, Brenda was walking home and she thought she heard a owl screetching, but kept moving a little faster. Then, out of nowhere, she was knocked to the ground and when she looked up she saw a gray owl with big yellow eyes looking at her. The owl started pecking at her and soon the pain was so much she wanted to die. The next morning, Hazel and her friends were walking home and Hazel saw what looked like a body. Hazel nearly threw up when she got to the body and saw it was Brenda. She looked like a bird had pecked her to death. Hazel almost threw up as she checked for a pulse and got a very faint one. A minute later, Brenda said, "it was a owl and you have been my very good friend Hazel". Then Brenda let out a big last breath, with tears in her eyes, for this was goodbye. A minute later, a ambulance came and the emt confirmed Brenda was dead.


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