The owl of terror

It's Halloween night and three friends decided to go to the abandoned house at midnight. On the way home a owl attacks.
parts: 2

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Chapter 2 of 2 - The owl returns

Hazel and Hailey were nervous about Halloween night. Their friend Brenda, had died a year ago on Halloween night from a vicious owl attack. That owl still lived out there somewhere. A couple days before Halloween, they decided they would try to kill the owl for revenge for Brenda's brutal death. On Halloween, at midnight, they met where it all began, Hailey's house. They walked to the woods ready to kill the owl. After an hour of not finding the owl, they started heading back toward home when an owl dropped down looking dead in front of them. As they neared the owl, it hooted and attacked Hazel. Hailey grabbed a stone and threw it, but it hit Hazel in the head instead. Hazel fell down unconscious, but moaning. All a sudden, the owl grabbed Hailey's shirt and carried her across the sky. Hailey passed out from fear. When Hailey woke, she saw Brenda, but she looked like a ghost. "Brenda, am I dead?", asked Hailey. "No, said Brenda, the owl keeps our souls imprisoned, so I didn't die that night the owl attacked me, it just got my soul". Hazel woke and saw she was in a hospital bed. Hazel realized she had to get to the woods and see if she could find Hailey. She changed into her clothes and ran out of the hospital. Five minutes later, in the woods, Hazel saw a strange glowing path. She followed it to a big nest, where she saw Hailey and Brenda. She thought her mind was playing tricks on her. A few minutes later, when she touched hailey, she realized she was dead. Hazel screamed, "come back to me, please". Hailey head Hazel's voice, but sounded a million miles away, so she grabbed Brenda's hand and pushed her way to the voice of Hazel. A few minutes later, Hailey opened her eyes and saw Hazel looking at her then she heard Brenda crying with happiness. They both were home. As they walked to Brenda's house, they saw the bones of an owl. The very same one from the night before. They had killed it by releasing Hailey's and Brenda's souls. A few days later, they all had a party for Brenda being back home.

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