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The magical mermaid pen

A girl gets a magical mermaid pen from her parents on her birthday and a little something with it and does all kinds of wonders with it to save her village which soon because a rich place.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - A magical world

Once upon a time in a little poor village there was a birthday girl called Serena. Her parents really wanted to get her at least one gift so they went to a place they knew and brought a very cheap pen and note book.When Serena went to sleep they wrapped the gifts with some old paper and slept. The mother looked out of the window and wished upon a star that Serena would like the gift. When they woke up they wished Serena HAPPY BIRTHDAY and went to get her gift.But when they looked at the place the gift was in they found a beautifully wrapped box.The looked at each other then smiled and gave Serena her gift. Serena opened the gift and she was so happy and hugged har parents and took out the things inside and found a pen with 10 different colors and it had a mermaid on top and then she found the book with a fairy on it and it was a drawing book and Serena loved to draw.She put the book on the table and drew a wonderful birthday cake. When she clicked on the mermaid to close the pen the cake that she drew appeared on the table.Serena and her parents looked at the cake in astonishment then Serene touched the cake a it was real. They happily ate the cake, then Serene went outside and while she was walking she saw a mother with her children and a crying baby. She felt sand for then then she had an idea . She went to a empty land then she drew a big house on her book and some money and then she clicked the pen then the house appeared .Then she ran to the family and brought them to the house. The mother hugged Serena and cried and thanked her a lot for a long time.While Serena was walking home she was thinking of what she did to the family then decided to draw a village with big houses and lots of money for everyone and that she would also help outsiders.So one day Serena started her gigantic drawing. It took her a whole week to color and shade and draw all the details and stuff. The final day came when she was going to click the mermaid. The whole village left with their precious stuff. They all watched and Serena clicked on the mermaid, Their whole village disappeared and a wonderful luxurious city appeared. They all cheered and went to their new homes wich contained money and clothes and all the food they needed, there were even shops that started for people to buy their necessities. Serena came to be known as the girl with the warmest and kindest heart ever and she also became Queen Serena of “SERENCITY”. The End.

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