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The Love Life Of Scotland Adair

One unique girl's journey through love, heartbreak, friendship, and the ups and downs of teen life.
parts: 2

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Chapter 1 of 2 - First Day of Middle School!!!

I woke up to the clatter of objects against the floor and the surprised shout of my mother. She probably had dropped another box of paint supplies. And quite a bit of stressed yelling. I glanced drowsily at my alarm clock, which read 6:37 am. I climbed out of my bed, and yawned. My room, freshly painted blue and yellow was piled with boxes and things I needed to set up. Then I remembered, it was Monday! The first day of school, already! My hamster, Louisa, was sleepily stuffing her face with food. "Good morning, Louisa." I made my way through the maze of FedEx boxes and down the twisty staircase. We had only been here for a few days, and things were looking pretty chaotic. My family has always kind of been odd, different, misfitting. We moved from place to place, usually because of Dad's job. He's an Ornithologist, which means he studies birds. I walked into the kitchen, meeting only more mayhem. My mom, cursing under her breath, trying to collect the contests of the spilled box of paint supplies. My dad, trying to make eggs while trying to keep my sisters under control. And my little sisters, Britain and India, yelling at each other over what looks like a defaced drawing. "I was trying to make it prettier!" "It's a mermaid! She's already pretty, India!"


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