The Jealous Basketball Coach

In this story there is one player who is named Megan and she is a basketball player who has just moved to her old city New York. Her old team named The Dirty Cheetahs has played very well since she been gone so, the coach : Lesley King thinks that they will still do good when she comes back. Lesley does whatever she can in order to get Megan off the team. Will Megan catch on? Will this end?
parts: 1

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Chapter 1 of 1 - The suspicion

*Megan arrives from school* Megan: (opens door) Hey mom Kim/Mom: Hey honey, how was school ? Megan: Okay I guess .... Kim: What happens? Megan: Remember Lizzie ? Kim: Lesley's daughter, yeah Megan: I saw her and it wasn't a good "welcome back" hello it was a disgusted look Kim: Maybe she is mad that the best basketball player is back ! Megan: Maybe , I gotta do a test I'll be back down for dinner Kim: Okay I'll call you in like about ... 20 minutes Megan: Okay cool see ya *walks upstairs* 20 minutes later Kim: Megan dinner is ready !! *Megan walks downstairs on her phone texting* Kim: Who are you texting?? Megan: No one *puts phone away really quick* Kim: Okay well your plate is over there on the counter Megan: Okay thanks mom Grabs plate and sits *Megan grabs her phone and starts texting again* Megan: Mom today Lizzie really wasn't too happy with me here again.. Kim: What happens ? Megan: She was just like having a disgusted face everyone I talked to her friends Kim: Well it's just that she wasn't used to you yet you know ..? Megan: Yeah maybe *Megan texting again* Megan:*giggles* Kim: You sure you're not texting anyone ? Megan: Just ...Chris... Kim: Oh your all time crush Megan: Not necessarily *smiles* Kim: Well I'm going to bed so I'll see you in the morning Megan: Okay . Love you Kim: Love you too

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