The Hidden Galaxy

Axelle, a misunderstood girl, gets hurt one day. She wakes up with aliens who tell her who she really is.... an alien!
parts: 2

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Chapter 1 of 2 - Falling

Axelle Dalyn Canleman was playing on the swings. Ya know, like a normal girl. Laughing and screaming about “double dating”, and having fun. “Wow Axelle, your going so high!” Her friend Lola exclaimed. “Axelle honey, slow down!” Said her mom. She was going far too high. “Mom, I'm fine!” The 8-year old laughed. “Alright” said her mom nervously. Then it happened. Axelle was just laughing and playing, when it happened. Her swing flipped straight over. She screamed as she fell. Everyone at the playground saw. They all covered their mouths in horror and shock. It's not every day you see a small 8-year-old girl falling upside down off a swing! Axelle mom was crying hard as Axelle was loaded into the ambulance. She was in a coma for two weeks. She even missed her birthday! What a sad time to hurt yourself! When she woke, everyone was happy. She had many get-well cards. And that night, she was very tired from a day of happiness. And when she woke, her life would change forever..... On planet Finjobam “We lost daughter, Axelle, four years ago. We need her back to train to be queen of planet.” Said King Abowo of Finjobam. “Yes,” said Queen Maroine. “We need queen. We getting old.” “Queens do start at age nine. We will look on earth for her.” Said the guard. To be continued....


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