The Girls' Magick Academy of Asia

Yang Su is going to magic school! And she can't wait! She will be sorted in one of many covens and houses, but what she finds is a lot different then what she hoped for...

Created by: HiHiRoblox

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Chapter 5 of 7 - Dancing

The dance was coming soon. And the Boys Magick Academy of Asia was coming to the girls'. Everybody else was so happy, but Yang did not want to go. But of course, it was mandatory. The boys even had more elements than them! Fire, ice, water, earth, air, sun, moon, star, flower, forest, canine, feline, serpentine, avian, equine, literary, science, philosophy, explorer, astronomy, light, dark, gemstone, precious metal, stone, movie, music, military, sports... even ocean! Yang had made a new friend named Minali, an Indian fish catcher. (Sea Creature). Then went Magick shopping, and found PERFECT outfits! Yang was in a dress made of water, flowing down her like a waterfall. Her hair was in a fancy bun with some pearls from the sea. And Minali was wearing a salmon-colored twirly knee-length dress. But at the ball, some Arabic fire boy named Shula would NOT. LEAVE. YANG. ALONE. She was NOT interested in dating him or dancing with him. And Minali already had a long-distance boyfriend, a Chinese earth boy named Kun. So Yang just sat at the side, but at 10:27 pm, she had a wonderful idea. To be continued....


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