Genre: mystery    Tags: #ghost #ocean #mystery #horror

The ghost ship

Harriet and her dad decide to have a holiday on a cruise ship for two weeks. Everything is great, and Harriet and her dad are loving the sun and meeting different people, but one night, something dreadful happens that makes Harriet want to investigate...
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Chapter 1 of 1 - We're going on a cruise

I'm Harriet and I live with my dad and my pet cockatoo, in Brittany which is in France. I am British but we moved to France a year ago when dad won the lottery straight after he broke up with mum. I feel bad for mum cause she must be so jealous but it's right for them to brake up because they were always fighting. I really love it here in Brittany, great food, great weather, we even have a private pool! But I wish we could've brought my BFF Orla with us, too. We've been best friends ever since, well, I can't even remember! And that's why I couldn't bear it when I had to leave her. We do facetime every weekend, but it's just not the same. Dad says that we're going to England sometime this month to visit her, which I'm really excited about! "Harriet!" Dad shouts from the terrace. I go to the balcony from my room where Flinn, my cockatoo is basking in the sun. "Yeah?" "Come down here I have a surprise!" He says "Ok I'm coming". I lift Flinn from my seat and go down to the patio. "What is it dad?" "Well I thought you could do with a break from all those French lessons you've been doing so we're going on a cruise in the Mediterranean for two weeks! What do you think about that?" He asks excitedly. I can tell he's really wanting to go on this trip, so I try to sound thrilled. "That's great dad! It sounds so fun and relaxing, but when are we going?" "Next week! You'll love it Harri, maybe you'll make a new friend to hang out with, you could do with some company." "Oh, yeah, I can't wait..." Dad notices my uncertainness. "What's the matter love? I thought you would enjoy this." "I will, it's just, I haven't seen Orla since we moved away and, and we were going to meet her this month and.." Dad sits on the edge of the hot tub. "Look love, I know you miss her, but can't you wait for a little longer? Just a month, please Harriet, this trip is important." I look at him suspiciously, "Why is it important though?" "Well, I have a date. And we've planned to have it on the cruise". He looks at the ground and Flinn flies from my hands onto his knee. "That's amazing! You deserve someone to be with just as much as I do, dad. I'm sorry, I didn't realize. This is gonna be the best date!" He smiles then I say "We should celebrate, you get the lemonade, I'll get the swim suits".

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