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The Fox Girl

Marybeth Mallory, or "Myth" is a fox. Simply a girl with fox ears, and a tail, and fox-like senses. Lesbian, fox hybrid, so many ways she is different. She lives in the forest with all the other foxes. But when Sherrie Granville, or "Ixxi" comes along as a normal human, they embark on an adventure full of fantasy, magic, friendship, and romance.
parts: 3

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Chapter 1 of 3 - Myth

Marybeth Mallory was running for her life. Her parents wanted to kill her. Why? She was a fox. They loved hunting. What more could they do? Sell her fur and bones, and, well, yeah. Marybeth lost them in a forest, only to discover herself surrounded by foxes. She whimpered and howled. "Arrroooo!" She howled nervously. The foxes stopped. They bowed down. "We are sorry." They said. "Legend has it that a fox hybrid girl shall be our queen. What's your name?" Marybeth was amazed. "I'm M-Marybeth." She stammered. "Marybeth... you need a fox name." The biggest fox said. Everyone thought for a few minutes. "W-well, her name starts with an M, and she is a legend..., what about Myth?" One small fox asked. "I like it!" Said Marybeth. Everyone agreed. And Marybeth was amazed. She was a great alpha of foxes! How? Why her? She asked herself these questions. "You need a king. Or a another queen. Maybe when you are older." Said the biggest fox. "Umm, okay." Said Myth. "Our names." They listed out their names. Secret, Furry, Yin and Yang, the twins. Cocoa, Oakey, Skip, Chip, and the biggest, Willowtree. Marybeth, now "Myth", had 9 new friends. The 14-year-old has never been happier, then in a forest as a fox queen. As they showed her around, her ears were up, her tail was wiggling. She was happy. To be continued...


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