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The end of the world?

In a world dominated by zombies, Gwen, Drake, Sarah, Solstice, and Liam live in an abandoned school. One day Gwen meets Adam, a lone zombie slayer. Gwen and the others dicide to join him but, are they enough to save the world?
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Chapter 1 of 4 - Bad news

Gwen Henderson lives with her friends Drake, Sarah, Solstice, and Liam in an abandoned school. Where they are protected. All their necessities are taken there. Gwen and the gang just finished looking for food. "Alright we got everything Senpai!" said Gwen "That's good. Anyway can you bring everyone here there's something important I need to tell everyone." said Drake. "Understood Senpai.". Everyone gathered and listened to what their leader had to say. "Okay so, is everyone here?" "Yes sir." they replied. "I asked Gwen to bring you all here because I have something very important to say." "What is it?"asked Liam "The zombies are closing in. We'll have to leave this place soon.". Everyone looked down with sadness. "I know that this place is very important(This is where they met). But if you want to live we'll have to go soon." "We understand Senpai but, where will we go?" asked Gwen "We will go somewhere where there are none of those d*mn monsters." "R-right. Understood Senpai.". After the conversation they agreed that it would be best to leave tomorrow. Gwen and the others started packing. They packed food, water, and weapons. They also packed a few photos they took together for keepsakes. "I can't believe we have to go." said Solstice "I know but if we want to live, we have to go." said Liam. "I know, It's just... This is where we met. this place is very special to me." "It's special to me too. But we can't die if we want to save the world." "R-right.". They finished packing and put them in a truck. Drake, as the only one who knew how to drive, was waiting for them in the driver's seat. "You guys got everything?" asked Drake "Sure did Senpai." replied Gwen. "Well then, get in.". Everyone got in and Drake drove off. After about two hours of driving, the truck broke down. "D*mnit!" yelled Drake "What's wrong Senpai?" asked Gwen "This d*mn truck isn't working. We'll have to go the rest of the way on foot." "On foot and carry all this stuff?" asked Liam "It's the only choice we have." said Drake. Thus, they walked the rest of the way and carried their supplies. Suddenly a sand storm started and they got separated.


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