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The Dragon Amulet

Clara finds a fire amulet and thinks it's just a piece of jewelry. But when she's transported to another world with dragons in it, she regrets everything she said about it. What's even crazier is Clara becomes a dragon herself! As a sky dragon, she makes friends, learns the ways of a dragon, and even becomes a prisoner! In this wild adventure story, Clara has a big decision to make: Stay in the dragon world, or get rid of the fire amulet--forever.


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Chapter 1 of 1 - Clara and Sky

Clara was in a castle hallway, taking a walk and looking at the pictures. Suddenly, she froze as a five feet tall fire wall surrounded her. The fire came closer and closer, until Clara screamed. She found herself lying in her bed. "Oh, good," she whispered. "It was only a nightmare." Clara got out of bed and decided what to wear. "Hmmm, let's see," she muttered. "I think I'll wear my pink top with my black leggings. Oh, wait, no. I want my galaxy dress with my white tights." As Clara was pulling on her dress, she heard a crash coming from the kitchen. She quickly finished getting dressed and hurried downstairs. "Mom? Are you okay?" Clara shouted. "Yes, Clara, I'm fine! I just dropped the muffin pan! We're having chocolate chip muffins for breakfast! Can you go wake up your sister? It's almost time for school!" "Alright, Mom!" Clara's younger sister Sky was 10, and she liked to sleep late. Well, she did in the summer, but it was the first day of school, and they couldn't be late. Clara was 13, and she was going to eighth grade. Sky was going to fourth grade. "Sky!" Clara called. "You're going to be late for school!" She pushed Sky's bedroom door open and saw her sister. She hadn't gotten out of bed, but Clara knew how to lure her. "Sky! We're having CHOCOLATE MUFFINS for breakfast! If you don't come downstairs, you won't get any!" Clara shouted. She said the "chocolate muffins" part extra loudly so Sky could definitely hear it. "Chocolate muffins?" Sky said sleepily but excited. "I want some!!!!" Well, that worked perfectly. "Wait!" Clara yelled, blocking the doorway. "You have to get dressed first or Mom won't let you have chocolate muffins. And wear something nice. It's the first day of school." "Okay, fine," Sky said with a frown. "But you have to leave." Clara walked out of Sky's room and shut the door. She went downstairs and found her mom pulling chocolate muffins out of the oven. "Hi, Mom," Clara said cheerfully. "Sky's getting dressed." "Oh, good," her mom said. "Breakfast is ready, so you can go ahead and eat." She put two muffins on the table and Clara sat down to eat. It was going to be a great day at school. Clara knew it would be.

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