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The Division

A young girl, Redd, is created in a lab called CRF, where stronger humans are breaded and then sent to a battle called The Division to knock of the weaklings.
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Chapter 1 of 10 - Redds Beginning

Dear Reader- It's strange how you don't really put death into perspective until you've practically smacked it in the face multiple times. Let me introduce you to a game our Society likes to play. One hundred genetically enhanced teens on the run from the Bot's. Your working with each other, fighting the Bot's. Funny thing is, they're identical. You have to actively study you teammates, hoping you won't be the one to accidentally send a spear through their heart. It always happens though. Three times on average every year. Because that's how often this game occurs. In a field, a forest, an island, a tropical rainforest, or a dome, all created to kill the players. Only four teens come out. Ninety six never see their parents, families, or friends again. So as each “enhanced” child comes out of their test tubes, scientists examine their weak points and shake their heads. Because each week point is a target for the Bot's. How do I know this? Because I'm one of them. I'm a Contestant, and I'm terrified. -Redd Welcome to the Division 2 months prior... I rolled out my shoulders, bouncing lightly on my toes. “You ready?” I asked Steph, looking at her through the corner of my eye. I heard her suppress a snicker and grinned to myself, ready to see the look on her face when I whipped her in this race. “I don't even need to be ready to beat you,” She sniped, lunging forward to stretch out her strangely powerful legs. My smile widened and she gave me a strange look. “What are you doing? Your creeping me out,” she muttered, her British accent ripe. She straightened again, before lunging with her other leg. I scoffed, as if hurt. “I'm smiling, you Grinch.” I said critically. A pause. “Whatever.” I gave up and tied my hair into a tight, short ponytail, my fiery red curls struggling to fit together. I stretched my legs slightly, knowing I had no need. The ground was solid cement, track lains stretching out to the end of the room, where they turned and persisted around the entire lab, which was at least five miles around. Steph and I were not friends, I didn't have friends due to my cocky, if not grumpy mood, and the fact that I grew up in a lab didn't add a very nice cherry on top. We were being tested, that's the only reason we raced, or lived in general. Being built up like a turkey for Thanksgiving. Except for one problem, I didn't have anything to be thankful for. A bell dinged and I quickly dragged myself into position, tightening my ponytail. So when the loud bang announcing the beginning of race echoed in my ears, I was ready, halfway down the room before Steph had time to say “Eat my dust.” I didn't think as I ran, I didn't even feel. I just did. The scientist had enhanced my running skills after seeing I was being whipped by Steph every race. And they can't take failure, even if they own the winner as well. They set goals for themselves, and had to beat them, even if they had to plow through a few lives to get there. By now I was half a mile from the finish line, eyes strained on the prize, ready to win. Steph was at least a mile behind me, fury raging in her carmel brown eyes, her sand colored hair flying behind her. I know this because I ran backward for a hundred yards, making faces at her tauntingly. I crossed the line easily, looking around. We were in a dome shaped room made of glass, outside the glass, hallways curved and twisted around us like we were the heart of a giant machine. The only wall that wasn't completely glass was the door pasted into the wall as well as a rainbow in a pitch black and white image. When Steph finally caught up, her face was red from wasted energy and anger. “How-how did you…” Stephs voice trailed off and she stopped. Improvement questions were prohibited here. The “rainbow” door opened and a man strolled in. His black hair was slicked into a perfect sway. Over six foot and muscular, it seemed impossible he wasn't created to look like that. Some of the girls in my bunker room had voted him Lab Dreamboat, disgusting, I know. But what's even more disgusting is that Steph goes out of her way to get his attention. And he likes it. At the moment, she was pouting at him with those big annoying eyes. “Why did you upgrade her and not me?” She asked, leaning towards him flirtatiously. I could have spat, in fact, I felt like it, but I didn't. He smiled at her, switching to position of his clipboard. He could easily have been twenty, and Steph was only seventeen going on eighteen. I rolled my eyes just as the dreamboat turned to me. “Congratulations Redd, you upgrade was fully successful,” He said, sounding forced, the smile he pasted on not reaching his black eyes. Steph scoffed, flipping her hair over her shoulder. The dreamboat, actually named Dr. James, faced her once more. “Steph,” His voice was husky, sympathetic, as he began. “You have been called back to your bunker to be reinforced with another competitor. (Okay readers. I know what it's like to read books, and let me tell you this. I like a good definition of the main character and all that surrounds him or her. So, let me start with Redd. She's kind of like a firecracker, a sizzle of beauty, wonder, and strength, but can be loud and dangerous if you step to close. Ironically, her hair is dark red, almost auburn. It hangs in a cute short haircut, curling this way and that, not easily contained, yet adding to her near perfect complexion. Redd's eyes are somewhere between emerald, and moss green, darkening at the edges, and lightening as they met her wide black pupil. She had naturally well groomed dark eyebrows that quirked when she had a negative attitude, and her small narrow, button tip nose flared at the nostrils when her firecracker was moments from shattering. In other words, Redd was beautiful. Lab created, yet naturally attractive. Steph, who is not a main character, has sand colored hair and hazel eyes. Sly as can be, Steph became just as popular as any pretty normal girl would at a highschool. James is plain handsome. Plenty of love crazy girls practically drooled in his lap as he tried to talk to them, teasing their durability. The lab, Common Research Facility ( CRF ), consisted of thousands of labs, offices, and hallways. Gyms and test rooms were scattered about, nearly impossible to find. CRF creates enhanced life forms and breeds them, for purposes you're yet to find out. Each breeded person gets a competitor, each trying so hard to beat the other, hoping they'll be the ones to be enhanced. Like Redd. Little does she know, there's more to the enhancement then she knows, and she's not the only one either. I know this is confusing, but when everything gets sorted out, you'll see that Redds position is not a nice one. As written in Redds letter, the games are terrible. She doesn't know yet though, given the thought that she hasn't even been given an explanation on what the games are. All she knows is that every year, dozens of her bunk mates disappear, and only two have ever come back, and they didn't stay very long. Even then, you can't contain a firecracker near detonation, and this red-hot girl, was moments away from finding the truth. )


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