The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 1 of 14 - The Blood Prints

Hi, my name is Ky Jefferson, and this is my brother Noah Jefferson signing in. If you are hearing this, I'm dead, and so is my brother. The secret code number is 21068, make sure this information does not get released to the public. If it does, it can be the end of our world as we know it! So with that out of the way, let me fill you in on what happened! October 25, 1995 Let's go back to the time where I was, well, kinda getting my ass kicked by Dereck Rickerson. Dereck punches my cheekbone. I tumble to the floor as the crowd that was circling us was cheering. Dereck faces the crowd and throws his hands up. The crowd starts to cheer even louder. "Dereck! Dereck! Dereck!", they chanted. It angered me that I was yet again one of Dereck's victims. I'm weak and small, so I get beat up pretty easily. In fact, at school, I'm pretty much known for getting beat up at least once a month. But I wish they could know what it was like, being at the bottom of the food chain. Where you feel weak, and purposeless in this world. But anyway, I try to fight back and he dodges it, then he swings back and I get knocked to the ground once again. The pain pulsated after every single hit he got on me. The crowd laughed as I fell to the ground. I was hurting all over, but what hurt the most was my nose. I touched it to see if it was alright, and I noticed that it was bleeding and probably broken. I try to get up again, but I stumbled and fell to the ground when I did. Dereck and the crowd laughs again. At this point, adrenaline was taking over, and I wasn't feeling much pain anymore. I was getting really angry, I didn't know what I did next. But all I know is that when it happened, Dereck was on the ground. The crowd gasps in shock while he was on the ground. Dereck gets up and stares at me in anger. "Oh, you're gonna pay for that Jefferson!", yelled Dereck. Dereck started charging towards me but stops when my brother steps in front of him. "Hey, leave him alone Dereck.", said Noah calmly. "Hey, stay out of this, it's none of your business!", yelled Dereck. "It does become my business when my little brother is involved", said Noah. Dereck tackles Noah, and they both fall to the ground. Dereck tries to get on top of Noah to pin him down. But Noah is stronger than most people his age, so Noah is the one to get on top of Dereck instead. Noah pins him to the ground by using his weight to keep Dereck still. And when he does, I knew the whole thing was about to come to an end. As soon as Noah got one punch in, Dereck surrenders. By this time, the guards were coming in to take Noah, Dereck, and me to the office. 6:47 P.M It was about this time that we were released from the school, and our Mom was waiting outside the school for us. "Oh my God, I can't believe this happened again!", cried Mom when she saw us. I sighed, "Listen, Mom- "-No! Don't you Mom me! You both know how I feel about fighting!", yelled Mom "Ok, we're sorry Mom", Noah said. "I forgive you, I just don't want you getting hurt", said Mom. "Sorry for worrying you Mom", I replied. "Ok, let's get you boys home", said Mom. We got in the car and headed home. 7:15 P.M When we got home, I went straight to my room and crashed on my bed. Noah went into the garage and started working out. Every single day, he works out like a maniac. I start to wonder what it would be like to be jacked like him. You could win fights easily, so that would come in handy in my life, considering how many fights I get in every year. My dating life would also improve too. Think of how many girls I would have. My dating life now isn't doing too hot, I haven't even had one girlfriend yet, and I'm already a sophomore in high school. I really don't like talking about it much, and I think you can understand why. Unlike me, Noah gets all the girls, and he likes to joke about my struggles with them. And I'm starting to wonder if it really has to do with his muscles. If it does, then I'm probably missing out. But to me, it seems like a lot of work just to get big muscles and a big body. I really don't feel like putting in all that effort. Well anyway, I'm getting off-topic. I lay down on my bed, just clearing my mind. "Hey Ky!", my Mom called from the living room. "Uh, what?", I yelled from my room "Come here!" "Now what?", I mumbled under my breath I walked out of my room and into the living room where my Mom was standing up, looking worried "What? What's wrong?", I asked "Do you have any idea where your father is?", Mom asked "No, why?", I replied. "Well I called him to see where he is, and all I got was his voicemail" "Ok well, he probably went to the store or something and his phone died", I replied. "Yeah, but you also need to see this. Come on, over here", Mom said in a worried voice. We walked over to the laundry room, and my Mom stopped and looked at the ground. "Now look at that!", said Mom Mom pointed at the ground, and when I looked I saw these blood footprints. I kneeled down to get a closer look. "What the hell?", I said suspiciously. Right at that second, we heard a crash outside. It was so sudden it made both of us jump in fear. "What was that?", Mom said in a scared voice. "I don't know, let's find out", I replied We both walked out of the laundry room door and into the backyard. We both walked cautiously in the dark. Our motion sensor for our light would usually come on, but it didn't. I figured it must've been broken. "Ok Mom, you look on the left side of the yard, and I'll look on the right side", I told Mom. "Ok, be careful. If you find anything, yell for me ok?", Mom said. "Ok", I replied. We both headed in different directions, walking with caution. As I was walking around our big backyard, I saw something on the ground. I went over and picked it up. I couldn't see that well because it was dark out, but when I noticed what it was, it sent a shiver down my spine. It was my Dad's washcloth. My Dad is a mechanic, so he always carries his washcloth around with him to clean his face and hands. I knew it was his because he wrote his name on his washcloth (I really don't know why, but he just did). But when I took a closer look at it, I noticed it was drenched in blood. It made me gag, and really worried at the same time. I yelled for Mom, but I got no answer. I yelled for Mom again, still no answer. Then I heard a terrible scream. I ran back to where we split up and Mom wasn't anywhere in sight. "Mom!!", I screamed. Then I heard rustling in the tumbleweed bushes, which freaked the hell out of me. I saw some outline of a being I could not describe. I didn't get a good look at it, but all I knew was that it wasn't human for sure. Then I noticed that it was walking towards me now and when I realized this, I started running back into the house. I heard it running towards me, letting out a terrible scream of some sort. I ran into the laundry room and slammed the door behind me. I tried to wrap my head around what just happened. But I wasn't going to waste time thinking about it when it was pounding on the door behind me, trying to break in the house. Right at that time, Noah was coming out of the garage after finishing his workout. "What is all that racket, are you watching "The Thing" again?", yelled Noah. Noah walked into the laundry room by following the sound. When Noah got into the laundry room, he stared in shock at me holding the door closed. "Whoa, what's going on?!", yelled Noah. "I don't know, but whatever this thing is, it took Mom and Dad!", I yelled. "Well open the door, and let me fight this animal!" "Uhh, I don' think this is an animal, Noah!" "Are you kidding me? What else would it be?" "Noah! I can't hold this door much longer!" "Well, let it go, so we get rid of it!" "Ok, if we die it's your fault!" "Just do it, you big sissy!" I let go of the door, but when we were expecting a big animal or monster or something, there was nothing there but thin air.


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