The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 10 of 14 - Unknown Powers

"Long long ago, there were four brothers. Jack, Ryan, Timothy, and Romeo. These four brothers seemed like typical kids that you'd see. But all four of these kids weren't truly normal. They had the ability to bend light. They found out that they could manipulate light in a way to work in their favor. They could use it for getting light when there was no light, and in a bunch of different useful ways. They decided to name this ability "Lightswitfing", which Melanie and Penelope told you about" "How did she-", I said as Melanie elbowed my shoulder to keep me quiet. "But, one of these brothers, Romeo, was the odd one out. He had a completely different ability. He had the ability to bend dark, which he named "Darkswifting". His brothers weren't aware that he had the ability, they just thought that he didn't have any ability at all. But little did they know that he had the most dangerous ability known to man. Since he could control dark, he also had the ability to conduct heat. Because the color black conducts heat, which meant that he could control fire as well. But the only downside to that was that he could only make fire, not put it out" "But can't light make fire as well?", I asked, "Yes, it can. But it takes light longer to make fire than it does for dark. Dark can absorb heat wherever it's at, meaning that it could shoot fire through the air, as long as the dark is shooting through the air. But light can only cause heat where the point of contact is" "But that doesn't make sense to me, because isn't light the fastest thing in existence?", I asked, still confused. "Yes, the speed of light is the fastest thing ever known. But dark is the slowest thing ever known. Dark is the speed of nothing. All darkness is is a place in space where there is no light. Because dark isn't really a thing, it's just an absence of light. So technically Romeo doesn't have the ability to control dark, he just has the ability to get rid of the light" "Oh, ok. That makes more sense", I said in understanding. "But anyway, back to the book. So eventually the three brothers who could control light found out that Romeo has the ability to control dark. Since they were so scared of him of getting rid of their powerful light, they banished him from the tribe. Romeo was very upset with the world, so he tried to kill his three brothers with fire which he had learned to control. But light is more powerful than dark, so the three brothers defeated him, but didn't kill him. They gave him a warning that if he were to ever show his face to the world again, then they would kill him. Just like that, Romeo engulfed himself in the darkness and left" "Yeah, but he's back though", Melanie stated. "What do you mean?", the lady asked. "He burned down the orphanage in an attempt to kill me", Melanie replied. The lady widened her eyes. "Do you know why?", the lady asked. "Yes. He made me promise to him that I'd get him the "Disintegration Stone". He gave me a year to get it, and I haven't got it yet because I don't know how to get it", Melanie replied. The lady looked at Melanie in shock. "Wait! What's the Disintegration Stone?", Noah asked. "It's a powerful stone that will grant the user unstoppable power. It gives its users the power to disintegrate whatever they please, no matter how big the object is", Melanie replied. "Wait, wait, wait! Hold up! What does this all have to do with me?!", I asked loudly. Everyone stared at me for a few seconds. Then the lady stopped levitating and glided down to the ground lightly. "Ky Jefferson, the reason I took you here was because I felt something when I first saw you. You seem to have the natural ability to use Lightswifting. And there's nothing special about that. But what concerns me is that I felt you have the ability to use Darkswifting as well. Which is the most rare and unusual thing that I've ever seen. That's why you were able to see the Dillkonga", the lady replied. "The what?", I asked, very confused. "They are very mean and powerful beasts. They kill Lightswifters whenever they find them", Penelope told me. That's when I thought about the weird monster that killed our parents, and that's when everything pieced together for me. "Wait, that monster I saw in my backyard that killed our parents only kills Lightswifters. So that means, that all this time...our parents were Lightswifters!", I shouted, understanding what was going on now. "Yes, that's why both of you have the ability to do so as well", the lady told us. "Wow, that's so cool! We can both bend light!", I shouted excitedly to Noah. Melanie, Penelope, and the lady smiled. After a few seconds of silence, Melanie broke it, which I guess is one of her habits. "But what are we gonna do about Romeo? He's probably looking for me right now", Melanie asked the lady. The lady thought about it for a second. "Well first, we need to teach these two how to use Lightswifting so they can defend themselves against threats. Then we need to destroy the Disintegration Stone before Romeo finds out how to get to it. Because he's going to find out sooner or later", the lady replied and then looked at me. "Ky, Noah. Welcome to the world of Lighswifting"


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