The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 9 of 14 - The Door of Books

When we walked in, I noticed that there were thousands and thousands of books scattered across the ground. And there was one row in the middle of them that had no books, so we could walk through it like a pathway. They all seemed to be distinct from one another. Some had pictures of things on the cover, some were just a plain color with writing on it. I didn't pay attention that much about what these books seemed to be about. Although I did pick up a few of them and observe them for a second. One book had something interesting written on the cover of the book. The title said "The Four Warriors". I thought about it for a second, but then I was distracted by Melanie calling my name to keep up. I put the book back down where it was, and hurried to keep up. The room of books led to a hallway in the back of it with large window doors on the right of us, going all the way from the ground to the ceiling. Through the window doors, I could see the backyard. The backyard looked interesting and big. So I had my mind set on seeing what was back there because of that (and also because I'm a very curious and nosy person). The hallway led to another room that also wasn't very ordinary. There weren't books scattered all across the ground, but there were swords hanged on the wall. The swords were in a sword case, and also laying on a sword holder, facing sideways. Whoever the person was that owned those swords must really care about those them because around the swords holder was a forcefield of light around it. I pretty much got the message that person was trying to give off. On the other side of the room was a chair with a lady sitting in it. She looked about sixty and was sewing a piece of clothing. But something was...different about the whole sewing thing. Instead of there being a string she sewed with, there was just plain light emitting off of the supposed string. Penelope and Melanie walked over to her and kneeled down on one knee and put their heads down. "Mama, we have visitors", Penelope said to the woman. Then the lady looked up from what she was doing. "Ah, Melanie, it's good to see you again", the lady said to Melanie. "It's good to see you", Melanie said. Then the lady looked at Noah and me. "And you're Noah, it's nice to meet you", the lady said as she looked at only Noah. Then she looked at me and her eyes widened. "You...you're", she studdered over her words. "-Ky. That's Ky", Melanie told her, confused. Her face continued to have a shocked expression. "Is everything alright mama?", Penelope asked, concerned. She stared at me for a few seconds, then she stood up and walked over to me. I was super confused and a little bit nervous when she walked over to me. Then she finally said something to me. "Come with me dear", she said as she walked off towards the door. I looked back at Penelope and gave a "what's going on?" expression to her. She just gestured me to move forward with her hands. So I walked over to the lady who was waiting for me at the door. Then we started walking down the hall. As we were walking down the hallway with the window doors, I decided to ask her where we were going. "I will tell you what's going on when we get there", the lady said, with the tone of voice which told me that she didn't want me to ask any more questions. While we were walking, I noticed some noises coming from behind me. I looked behind me, I saw Melanie, Penelope, and Noah all sneaking around, following us, hiding behind things to make sure we don't see them. I guess they were just as confused as I was about everything, and wanted to see where she was taking me and what she was gonna do. Then we got to the end of the hallway and back into the room of books. Then she stopped in front of the huge pile of hundreds of books. I stood there, wondering what she was standing there for. Then she snapped her fingers and that's when things were starting to get weird. And when I say that I mean, really weird! When she snapped her fingers, books started levitating and flying around the room. They were flying around clumped together, and flying around in circles. Then they started flying over to one of the walls that had no bookshelf and was just a plain wall. They started forming something that looked familiar. After a few seconds of forming into that object, there weren't any more books flying around, and I noticed what they had formed. It was a door of books, which looked odd (obviously). Then the lady started walking over to the door of books. "C'mon", she said as she looked back at me. I followed her over to the door of books. Then she grabbed onto the supposed doorknob and turned it. The whole thing operated like a real door, and it opened. Behind the door, there was a staircase going down into a dark room. "Follow me", the lady said as she started walking down the stairs. I looked back behind me and saw all of them looking at me from behind some long silk curtains. "Oh, and everyone else come down too!", she shouted, already down about 10 steps. Everyone else realized that they were all hiding for nothing this whole time. Then the got out from hiding behind the curtains and walked over to me. I looked down into the dark room ahead of me and started walking down the stairs. Everyone else was close behind me. "Have you been down here before?", I asked Penelope. "Yes, but I am still confused about what she's bringing all of you down here for", she replied. There was silence for a few seconds, until some questions flooded my mind. "So this whole thing with the flying books and fire coming out of people's hands and colored light coming from people's hands and turning into that light some form of magic?", I asked, looking back and forth from Penelope to Melanie. "No, it's not magic", Penelope replied. "It's not? What is all of this crazy stuff then?", I asked. "It's called Lightswifting", Melanie explained. I thought that was a crazy name for whatever this "Lightswifting" is. "Why is it called that?", I asked. "Well, it's called that because what it really is is someone bending light in a way that you can make it do what you want it to do", Melanie replied. "How in the world do you do that? Do you have to be born with the ability or something", I asked, curious about it "No, anyone can learn it. But it would be easier if you were born with the natural ability to do it", Penelope replied. "What-" "-No more questions, we'll explain later", Penelope interrupted me. I thought that was fair because I guess they were probably annoyed by all the questions now. We finally got to the bottom of the stairs and I saw the lady was already at the bottom. I noticed that she was sitting in a criss-cross apple-sauce position, but she was levitating and her eyes were closed. When we got there, she didn't even seem to notice us, because she didn't even open her eyes. But then she said something to us, particularly me. "Ky Jefferson, I have something I need to tell you. Come closer please", she said, with her eyes still closed. I looked back at them, and they pushed me forward to signal me to get closer. "Yes?", I asked. "Ky, you are special! I'm not exactly sure what it is about you, but this meeting was truly meant-to-be", she replied. I looked back at them again, and Noah looked confused but Melanie and Penelope looked concerned about what this was about. I myself was as well, so I asked. "What do you mean? I'm "special"?" "You not yet have heard or learned that much about Lightswifting yet. So if you could, please listen to what I say to you very carefully I won't repeat it. Are you ready?", she said. I looked back at Noah, and he nodded his head signaling for me to say yes. I nodded my head at her. "Ok", she said as she stretched her arm out in front of her. Then I heard a sound of an object flying down the hallway of where the stairs are. Then a book flew from over my head very quickly and into her hands. I looked at the cover of it, and it was the book I looked at earlier. She cleared her throat and said- "Let me tell you the story of "The Four Warriors" ", she said.


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