The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 7 of 14 - Fiery Fury

When we got back to the plaza where everyone was at, Melanie left me and went to her friends, and I went back to our room. I spent the rest of the evening alone, just thinking. I couldn't stop thinking about Todd and what he said to Melanie. But I guess it was none of my business, and it probably wasn't important. I woke up to the sound of Noah coming in the door at about 10:00 that night. He just came in and walked over to the bed and shook me awake (even though I already was). "Oh c'mon Noah, why'd you wake me up?!", I said, pretending that I was cranky from being woken up. He sighed. "I just want to tell you something", he said. I wanted to hear what he had to say. "What?", I asked. "I just want to say...that I'm sorry", he replied. I was super surprised by that. He never apologizes to me, so this was a big shocker to me. I didn't want to sound like a jerk, because he actually was being nice to me and I wanted it to stay like that, so I asked- "For what?" He sighed again. "For not really being a good brother to you. I've been so stuck up in my own sh*t that I haven't even talked to you that much or asked how you've been and what's been going on in your life, and I'm sorry that I've been such a jerk. I haven't really been that involved in your life and it was almost like I was just...there, and I just want to say that I'm sorry for not being a true brother to you, ok?", he said. I hesitated for a few seconds and just stared into his eyes as he waited for me to respond. "Sure, it's fine, I've been the same way to you as well", I replied. He nodded his head and came in for a hug. I kind of didn't get the signal and by the time he was already about to touch me, I just then had realized what he was trying to do. So I tried adjusting myself to hug him, but it was already too late to not make it awkward. We tried adjusting, but we kept missing each other, so we just settled with a back slap instead. We decided to head to bed after that. 4:57 A.M I woke again to the sound of someone pounding on our door. So I got up and opened it, and it was the lady from the reception desk that we met on our first night. I noticed she looked like she'd had a long night. I also noticed a bunch of the kids of our building running down the hallway as if something bad had happened (or was happening). "C'mon, get everyone in your room, and get out of the orphanage as soon as possible, hurry!!", she said in a panicky voice, running off soon after that. I was confused, yet concerned at the same time. I thought maybe some kid was in the orphanage shooting it up or something, but I realized that was kind of an unusual thing to do. But that wasn't a good time to be thinking about it, because when I took a peek out of our room window, I knew exactly what was going on. I saw smoke, just complete smoke outside. So much in fact that I couldn't even see the ground below us outside. I shook Noah awake as fast as I could and told him to get as much of the stuff that he could. "What? Why?", he asked. "Because there's a fire, and we need to evacuate the orphanage!", I replied. "What?!", he shouted in panic as he jumped out of the bed and grabbed as many of our things as we could. I grabbed some of our stuff and we ran out the door. We ran towards the stairs, but when we got a glimpse of it, we realized we were in a tough situation. It was practically blocked by a wall of fire. I thought about what we could do because we were pretty much trapped from the looks of it. Noah didn't know what to do, so he started panicking. I didn't know where all of the other kids or the reception lady went, but I had my own idea of how to get out. "Noah, our only chance is to get to another building", I said to him. "Yeah, no sh*t sherlock!", he yelled as he coughed from the smoke. "But I think I know a way", I said as I gestured for him to follow me as I ran back inside the room. "Wait!", he said as he followed me back inside the room. "Put the stuff in the backpack, because you're gonna need both hands for this", I said as I opened up the window. The room started slowly filling with smoke. We both coughed hard, as I grabbed Noah's hands and pulled him over to the window after he got all the stuff in the backpack. "We need to climb up to the top of the roof", I said. "Ok", he replied. Then I climbed up to the ledge above our window that stuck out of the wall. It was hard to see, but I had a good feeling about where I was going because I've done this a billion times before. So it was like muscle memory to me. Once I got a decent height above the window, I looked down to see if Noah was following me. I saw him right below me, so I kept going up. I eventually got to the roof and helped him up once he got to the ledge of the roof. Once I helped him up, I looked around to scope out the scene. I had a much better view of the fire and where it was from up there. I saw that the fire was practically engulfing the entire orphanage. Almost every building was completely on fire. Then I noticed Melanie was on one of the roofs across from us. "C'mon, let's get to Melanie, and see what we can do!", I shouted over the loud sound of burning wood. I dashed off towards the edge, and took a big leap off of the building and landed on the one across from us with no problem at all. Now I had Noah to worry about because I knew that he was scared as hell, even though it was kind of hard to see that emotion from him at times. Once Melanie noticed me, she ran over to me and grabbed my shoulders. "Are you ok?", she asked with concern in her voice. "Yeah, you?", I replied. "I'm fine, still alive am I right?!", she said. "Yeah, but we have a situation", I said as I looked back at Noah who was looking at the gap between the buildings, and the fire that filled it. "Noah! Just jump!", I yelled. Then I noticed that the fire was starting to come to our roof, and it was starting to block the ledge where he was going to jump. So he had two outcomes to this: jump to our roof and get a nasty burn, or stay on the other roof and burn to death. Luckily, he took the option where he survives and he jumped towards the roof we were on. Unfortunately for Noah, he landed right smack on top of the flame that was on our roof. He squirmed for a second and got out of the flame as quickly as he could. I noticed that part of his shirt was on fire, so I stomped on it to extinguish it. But it was already too late because he was going to have a burn scar on his butt for the rest of his life. He just lay there for a bit, trying to recover from what just happened. While he was recovering, I looked over at one of the roofs that weren't set on fire, and I noticed a strange man dressed completely in black clothing, and a red plastic mask on his face. He was facing all of the burning buildings. His arm was extended forward and out, and it looked like a beam of fire was coming out of his hand. He was pointing his hand towards another building that wasn't on fire, and the beam of fire was shooting towards it, catching it on fire. I didn't know if I was going crazy or something, but that's exactly what it looked like. It was like his hand was the flamethrower gun, and fire was coming out of it. "Hey Melanie, look at that man", I said as I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed my finger at him. She looked at the direction my finger was pointing and looked at the man. Then I noticed her eyes widened. I observed her for a second. "Wait, do you know that guy?", I asked. She just kept staring at him Then I looked back over at him. And I noticed that he had stopped shooting fire from his hand. Then he slowly rested his arm at his side and scoped the area. Eventually, his gaze set on us on top of the roof. Once Melanie noticed this, she inhaled deeply and said- "Guys, we need to get out of here...NOW!!", she shouted at us and stood up quickly. She grabbed Noah and I's shirts and pulled us up. She started pulling us forwards towards the edge of the roof we were on. Then the man levitated up and landed in front of us. A bunch of questions flooded my mind at that moment. Who was this guy? How did he shoot fire from his hands? Why did he burn down the orphanage? And how did he fly? The man just stared at us for a while. Then after a few seconds, Melanie said something to the man. "Listen, we don't want any trouble ok? Just leave us alone, and I'll get you it as soon as I can-" "-NO!! I gave you a whole year, a whole year! And you failed me, so now, I'm going to make you suffer", he interrupted, with madness in his voice "No!! Just give me more time...please", she replied in a crying voice as a tear rolled down her face. "I gave you time, and you failed me! So now it's time to face the consequences!", he yelled. She cried as she fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands. Then she stopped crying after a few seconds and stood up and clenched her fist. "If that's the case, then I'm going to have to fight you", she said with a bit of anger in her voice. I thought that was a bad move, because how was she going to beat a man who could literally set you on fire. But then Melanie did something I didn't expect. She extended her arm sideways and a glow of blueish-white light suddenly shined from her hand and from the light emerged a sword. She grasped onto the handle and lifted her other hand sideways and the light shined again on her forearm, and a shield emerged from that light. I didn't know what to think at the moment, and I didn't know if I could handle all of it. And then she got into a stance that looked like she was ready to battle, and the man laughed. "Oh man, I can't wait to obliterate you!", he said as he extended out his arm sideways. And a red-ish bronze color shined from his hand, and a dark red spear emerged from it, and it didn't even look like it was a solid wooden spear. It looked like the spear literally was the light that it emerged from. "Get ready to be destroyed!", he said as he jumped towards her. "In your dreams!", she said as she lunged at him. They both turned into balls of light, both of them were different colors. Melanie turned into blueish-white light, and the man turned into dark red light. Within a split second, they collided with each other. The result of the collision was a burst of white mixed with dark red. The impact caused the entire orphanage fire to blow out and also caused dark clouds to circle into existence above us. Purple lightning started striking from the clouds and wind was picking up really hard. Then they shot back from each other, and Melanie turned back into herself instead of a ball of light. She had cuts all over her and has blood dripping from her nose. Her eyes were closed, so I tried waking her up. "Melanie, Melanie wake up!", I said as I shook her awake. She jolted awake, and instantly got up and turned back into a ball of light, charging back into battle. This time, she jumped upwards and started flying like the man demonstrated earlier. They both collided with each other while they were in the air, making it look like they merged together again. After a few seconds of them colliding, they shot back from each other again. And Melanie fell back to the ground in front of us again. I guess she realized that things weren't looking good for her. "Hey!", she said as she got up. The man stopped flying around and landed back in front of us. She hesitated for a few seconds. Then she looked at me and back at him. Then she threw her arms up. "I give up", she said to him. The man laughed. "Finally, you have some common sense", he said as he started walking slowly towards us. He raised his staff up, charging up his future attack. But when he swang it down at us, Melanie did something with her hands, and it put up this strange forcefield right before the staff was going to hit us. It caused this explosion of white light, which made the man shoot back pretty far. When he landed, he was on the other side of the orphanage. Then Melanie quickly grabbed our shirts and started pulling us towards the ledge. "C'mon, this is our chance to escape!", she said quickly. I walked quickly along with her to avoid tumbling over. "Yeah, but where are we gonna go? There's no way we could outrun that guy, especially me and Noah! Because we can't fly like you!", I asked. Once we got to the edge, Melanie looked down at the ground below us, and then back at us. "Just trust me, and stand back", she said as she stuck both of her arms out sideways, gesturing for us to move back. Then she stuck her arm out towards the ground below us. When that was happening, I saw the man flying towards us. "Uh, Melanie! He's coming back!", I said in a panicking voice. "Just a second, it's almost ready", she said, her eyes were squinting with effort. I looked at what she was doing, and it looked like the light that always came when she was doing this sort of "magic" I guess. It looked like it was turning into some giant portal-looking thingy. I looked back, and the man was almost to us. "Melanie, hurry!", she said. Then the man landed on the ground behind us. "It's ready!! Jump into the light!", she said as she jumped into it. I looked at where she fell to, and she was gone. Noah looked at me in terror. I looked at him, and back at the man running towards us. "Oh no! What do we do?!", Noah said in terror. "Just go! Go!", I said as I pushed Noah and jumped down myself. I saw the light get bigger and bigger as I fell towards it, and then I finally got to it and went into the portal.


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