The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 6 of 14 - A Change of Heart

The next few days felt like long summer nights. The days felt longer than usual, which was strange because it was in the middle of the fall. Everything in my life seemed like it was slipping out of my grip. Everything before was happening so fast. It only took 1 day, and my whole life was wrecked. I remember that before our parents died, I thought my life was bad. But then I realized that my life could've been so much worse. I just wish I could've had a change of heart earlier. Maybe that's what Melanie meant. Night after night, and day after day I was alone pretty much 24/7. Noah never spoke to me, neither did Melanie. Whenever she saw me, she looked at me with a face I couldn't decode. It wasn't an angry face, but it wasn't a happy one either. Every night, I went on the roof and looked at the night sky and city lights. It was a habit of mine now. I would just sit there, and feel the breeze as it blew through my hair. I feel like I'm not the same as I was about a week ago. Not sure why it feels like that, but it does. November 3, 1995 6:22 P.M I decided to eat dinner on top of the roof because watching everyone having a good time together while I was alone made me feel bad. While I was up there, Melanie came up top and saw me eating alone. She walked over to me and sat down next to me. "What're you doing out here all alone?", she asked. I didn't answer. I didn't even look at her. "What is it?", she asked again. I just looked at her for a few seconds, and then looked away and sighed. She sighed and looked down. "C'mon", she said as she stood up and grabbed my wrist. She pulled me up while she started walking, which made me stumble trying to get up in time. We walked over to the edge of the roof-top and stopped. She looked over at me. "Go ahead, jump", she told me as she pointed her head over at the other roof. I looked at the gap and noticed just how far the gap was to the other roof. I trembled in fear as I stepped back from the edge a little bit. "I...I never have done anything like that before, so maybe I shouldn't", I said fearfully. "Well, now's gonna be your first time, now c'mon do it", she said encouragingly. I started breathing hard and fast because I was scared as hell. I walked slowly back over to the edge and looked down at the gap again. "No! Stop thinking about the gap and just jump as far as you can, she said as she grasped my chin and pushed up on it to make me look forward. I stepped back and closed my eyes as I took a deep breath. I dashed forward and took a giant leap towards the roof ahead of us. I made a mistake and kept my eyes closed as I was in the air. And that caused me to bodyslam the wall of the building, and fall back towards the ground. Luckily, there was a tree below me, so I was able to fall into that and not the hard concrete. I fell onto this thick branch and safely climbed down. I climbed back up to the top of the roof, and Melanie was up there waiting for me. She dashed over to me and slapped my cheek. "What the f*ck were you thinking? You could've died, didn't you see the building? Because you could've put your arms up and grabbed the ledge of the roof above you!", she shouted at me in a firm voice. Then she grabbed my wrist again and pulled me back over to the roof. "Now watch me", she said as she backed up. She dashed forward and landed on the roof ahead of us without even breaking a sweat. "Now do it again, and don't chest bump the wall this time", she shouted from the other roof. I stepped back and tried not to think about the gap. I dashed forward and took a big leap again, and made sure not to close my eyes this time, even though it was pretty hard to not to. I hit the building but caught myself with my arms by grabbing the ledge as she said for me to do. I was trying to pull myself up, but my arms were weak and trembling. Melanie noticed that, so she came over and assisted me. I finally got over the edge, then I just lay down on my back in exhaustion. "Good job, you didn't fall this time", she said. I smiled. "Yeah", I said in exhaustion. We sat there for a few minutes. Then she broke the silence like usual. "Can I ask you a question?", she asked. "Hm?", I replied. "What's your name, because I never asked?" I thought about it for a second. "I don't know, what is it?", I said jokingly and smiled. She smiled and rolled her eyes. "Are you really gonna play it like that?", she asked, slightly annoyed by it. "Wow, isn't that interesting?", I jokingly said again as I got up and dashed off towards the edge and jumped off and landed safely on the roof with two feet just like she did. I realized she was laughing hard when I looked back at her. "And my name is Ky by the way if you really want to know", I shouted from the other roof. She laughed again. "Ok", she chuckled as she jumped over to the roof I was on. "C'mon, let's get back to everyone else", she said. We got down off the roof and headed through the path that leads from in between buildings into the center plaza part of the orphanage which is where everyone hung out at. While we were jogging through the pathways, we ran into Todd and his "gang". "Heeeyyyy!", he said when he saw us. He started walking closer to us. "What you love birds doing out here all alone?", he said. "Could ask you the same thing", I said as I started walking closer to him. "Could I ask you a question?", I asked. "What?", he replied. "Why are you even here, did you're parents not love you or something?", I asked with the intention to catch him off guard and make him mad. "Ky, stop", she whispered to me loudly. Loud enough for Todd to hear her. "Ky? So that's your name. Well listen to me Ky, you're going to die if you ever say that to me or us again", he said as he looked back to his "gang" and chuckled along with them. "And you know what Todd, you are such a fraud and I think it's time for you to leave", Melanie said as she grabbed my wrist to pull me along. "Ok, but one thing Melanie", he said as he looked back at her. Then he walked over and put the side of his face next to her ear. "You know you don't have much time left, so you better get hustling" When he said that, I noticed she stiffened up, and looked straight ahead and away from him. He looked at Melanie, back at me, and slowly walked away. I continued to look at them as they walked away. Then when I knew they were gone, I looked back at Melanie, who was still looking forward stiffly. "What was he talking about?", I asked. She inhaled deeply, still staying very stiff. "C'mon", she said sharply as she pulled my wrist and started walking forward. Now I had a new question: What was Todd talking about?


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