The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 13 of 14 - Journey to Ubar

I walked over to the wagon and put the second rope that was dangling there around me. I waited for a few impatient seconds for everyone to stop laughing, then I said- “C'mon, we've gotta get to Ubar before 8:00! So let's go!” Then everyone stopped laughing and then there was an awkward silence of Penelope and Melanie quietly getting on the wagon. “I can't believe that just because we're the men, we have to be the ones to pull the wagon like donkeys”, I said quietly to Noah. Noah shrugged his shoulders as if it wasn't a big deal. Then the old lady tapped my shoulder two times to get my attention. I turned around to look at her. “You know that my old fat legs can only carry me so far right?”, she said as she slapped her thigh. I nodded my head just to end the discussion, but in my mind, I thought that maybe this old lady is crazier than I initially thought. Then I looked forward and realized that we had a long way to go probably. So I wasn't looking forward to this trip, because I knew it was going to be a pain in the ass (literally). The girls had been talking in the background, and the old lady noticed that so she said: “Girls, you shut up now because we're about to leave. And we need these boys to concentrate and not be distracted by your yappin'!”, she shouted. Right at that moment, the girls shut up, and then she looked back forward at us. “Now…”, she said as she twirled her wrist up in the air. Then all of a sudden a whip made of light came into existence inside of her twirling hand. And at that moment, I realized just what this was all about. But before I could do anything, the lady snapped the whip on our butts, and she told us to get moving. That pain made both of us lunge forward and start pulling as hard as we could. Once we did, the wagon started slowly moving up the small sand hill. Both of our teeth grinded as we pulled the near 200-pound wagon up that hill. And eventually, we got to the top of it. Once we did, we paused and looked at the view. We realized that there were millions of sand dunes all around us, which meant that that small hill we went up was just the dumbed-down version of what was to come. “Which direction are we going?”, I asked. “Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to give you this”, she said as she reached into her pocket. I looked back at her, and she extended her hand out towards me, and handed me a compass. “Make sure you're always going North, and we'll get to Ubar eventually.”, she told us. “Now, get moving boys, we've got a long road ahead of us”, she said as she snapped her whip made of light on our asses again. We started moving North as we pulled that wagon with all of our might. If there's one thing that this journey would teach me, never take horses for granted again. (2 hours later) We were still pulling the wagon with all of our strength, and honestly, we were already tired within the first 5 minutes of pulling that sucker. The sun was just then starting to rise, which made me guess that it was probably around 4:30 to 5:00. “How far is this place again?”, I asked for the 4th time this trip. “Shut up you banshee! Why do you gotta complain so much?”, the old lady snapped back, while also snapping the whip on my ass again. Penelope and Melanie giggled when I yelped in pain. “Yeah Ky! Why you gotta complain so much?”, Penelope chuckled. “Oh, I'm sorry Penelope, you wanna trade places?”, I snapped with a slightly raised tone. Both of them giggled again. “Sure, we'll trade places with you guys”, Melanie said. There was a moment of silence. “So can we mama? Let them take a break, and let us two pull for a little while”, Penelope suggested. The old lady looked at them for a few seconds, back at us, and then back at them again. “Sure girls, get up there”, the old lady replied. Once I heard that, I felt relieved that we'd get to take a break. But I also was concerned, because I'm sure that those two girls would have a harder time than we did. So then we stopped walking, and Noah and I took the ropes off of us. Then the girls hopped out the back, and we swapped places. But when the girls started pulling the wagon, I was taken by surprise. We started moving at least 10 miles per hour because they were jogging and apparently stronger than us. As we were moving, Noah and I's jaws dropped. What angered me was that the lady didn't even whip them to get them moving like she did to us. But I was quickly forgetting about that, because the sun was starting to rise, which was giving off a nice sense of warmth, but yet it was still the perfect amount of coldness. At that moment, I started to realize just how tired I was. I started to get a little drowsy, and then I passed out. ?:??, November 5, 1995 I don't know how long I had slept, but it was getting hot out when I woke up. I'd estimate it was about 105 degrees out there. I looked around us, and we were in a canyon, on a rocky path curving uphill. I sat up and looked over at Melanie and Penelope, and they seemed like they have been doing this for hours, but they looked like they could still do it for days. Although we were slowing down because we were on a hill, we were still going a decent speed. After a few more minutes, we came to an area the road was about 50 feet wide, with the rocky canyon on either side of us. But then we suddenly slowed down to a complete stop. I looked at Noah in confusion, and he exchanged the same look back. So then I leaned up to the front to see what the girls were doing. They were just standing there looking directly forward. The old lady was doing the same thing too. So then I decided to break the silence. “Hey, what's going on-” “Shhhh! Be quiet”, Penelope whispered. So then I tried to look forward to what they were looking at. Once I saw what had caught their attention, I couldn't stop looking at it either. “Ky, what are you-” “Shhhh”, we all interrupted Noah. Then I pointed ahead to direct his attention, and he saw what it was too. It was a pack of these strange looking monsters. They looked like the combination of a bull and a rhino. But they had the skin of a dinosaur and had glowing yellow eyes. Their skin was completely black, and they had these black horns at the end of their nose, which curved up and around and met the other horn. They also had the hair that a horse would have on its head and neck. Their hair was red and sort of glossy and smooth looking, but it flowed as the small gust of wind hit it. Then I slowly leaned over towards the old lady. “What exactly are those things?”, I asked very quietly. “Dillkongas”, she whispered back. I looked at her in shock. “Wait, those things who killed our parents?”, I asked. “Yes, but-” “Hey sh*theads, you want a piece of me? Come get it you stupid-looking bovines! Cause I'm about to turn you into a bunch of steak chops”, I screamed as I jumped out of the back of the wagon. “Ky, what are you doing? You're gonna get yourself killed!”, Melanie whispered. Then I dashed over a little closer to the Dillkongas. “Ky! Get back here!”, Melanie whispered a little louder. “Hey, you hear me you cows? Get over here!”, I screamed as I picked up a rock and threw it at the pack, who hadn't even noticed us yet. But then when the rock I threw hit one of them in the head, then they finally noticed me. They stared at me with their yellow glowing eyes, and a few of them snorted at me angrily. Then they let out a familiar noise that I really don't know how to explain. But it was the same sound that they made when one of them charged me the night our parents died. And just as I anticipated, a bunch of them started charging towards me as their heads bucked slightly as they took every step. I held my arms open sideways to show them that I wasn't afraid, even though I was scared as hell. By the time that they were about 50 feet away, I really started regretting throwing a rock at them. Everyone in the wagon started shouting for me to get back in the wagon, but because I was so scared, I couldn't move a muscle. Then as soon as they were about 20 feet away, Melanie took the rope off of her and ran to me. Then she grabbed my shoulder and gave me a hard push, which made me fall over a few feet away from her. It was obvious that she was going to use that “Light Forcefield” as she did before. But she didn't do it in time and the Dillkongas headbutted her and she flew back a few feet. Then the Dillkongas all crowded around her and a few of them lifted up their paws and some claws retracted outwards. At that moment, I realized what was going on. “NO!!”, I screamed as I charged towards them. They looked at me in anger and faced me. Then I did something I can't even explain. All I remember is that I thought of all of the things that angered me, and I released it through my extended arms. I remember a bunch of light brown light exploding out of my body and filling the entire canyon we were in. I remember the Dillkongas shrieking and disappearing in thin air. As soon as I calmed down, the light brown light slowly started repelling back towards my body. And then the light all soaked back into me like I was a sponge. After that, I looked around, but my vision was blurred, so it was hard to see anything. But then I felt a sudden feeling of weakness, and I blacked out.


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