The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 11 of 14 - Behind the Waterfall

After the lady told us about everything, she let us spend the rest of the day doing whatever we want. Noah and I went and decided to explore the place a little. Melanie and Penelope went and hung out somewhere, I don't really know what they did. Noah and I went into the backyard through the giant window doors. The backyard was like an oasis. It had palm trees all surrounding it, and a big clean-looking pond. The water was crystal clear and looked really nice. There were statues all over the place around the pond. There was a tall rocky cliff in front of us, with a river on top of it. The water from the river dropped down off of it into the pond, which made a waterfall. Noah and I stripped down to our underwear and jumped into the pond within 10 seconds of seeing it. The water was pretty warm, which was the perfect temperature for this time of the year. We had a water splash fight thingy or whatever you call that game. Yeah, you know what I mean. We spent about an hour and a half hanging around in the pond because we never have gone to many pools. But eventually, after a while, Penelope and Melanie showed up. "C'mon on in, the water feels great!", I shouted to them, trying to convince them to come in. The girls looked at each other and smiled. "Ok, we'll be right back", Penelope replied. The girls went back inside the house. Noah and I continued to just play around in the water. Then after about 10 minutes, the girls came back outside. They both had bathing suits on, with a tank top. Then the both of them dived into the pond, with the intention of making their splash land on us I'm guessing, because that's exactly what happened. When Noah and I were expecting to come up, they didn't. We watched them as they were underwater. But then they suddenly disappeared. But then 10 seconds later, one of them appeared underneath me, and one underneath Noah. They were grabbing onto our legs. Once Noah and I noticed them, we looked at each other slowly with the expression of "Oh sh*t, I know what happening!". Then they pulled us under by pulling our legs down. Once we were beneath the surface, they kept pulling us down. Eventually, we got far down enough that we were on the floor of the pond (which was like 10 feet deep). Once one of the girls let go of me, I instantly started swimming up for air. Once I got to the surface, neither of the girls were there. We scoped the area to see where they went, and I spotted them on top of the big cliff, in the river overlooking the pond. Then they shouted that they were gonna jump, and sure enough, the girls did. They fell at least 50 feet into the pond. We watched them in shock as they fell that big height into the water. Once they recovered, they swam over to us. "So, what did you guys think?", Melanie asked us once she got to us. "That looked awesome. You girls have guts to do jump from that height", Noah replied. Melanie nodded her head and looked at me. "And what did you think?", she asked me. "It was cool", I said. I felt like I had a very lame answer. "You guys wanna try?", Penelope asked. "Uh...sure", I replied, looking at Noah before I did. "Ok, let's go up to the top", Melanie said as she grabbed my wrist and started pulling me towards the shore of the pond. Noah and Penelope were close behind us. We climbed up to the top of the big cliff and into the river that led to the top of the waterfall. All four of us walked over to the edge where the water dropped and looked down at the pond below us. Initially, I thought that it wasn't going to be that bad, but it was! It felt like we were on a mountain. "Alright, who's going first?", Penelope asked. At first, no one agreed, but then Noah spoke up. "I'll go", he agreed. "Alright Noah", Penelope said in encouragement and started clapping. Melanie and I clapped along with her. Then he walked over to the very edge and peered down at the pond below us. He stared at it for a while, and when I realized that he wasn't gonna go, that's when I had a funny idea. I walked sneakily behind him and stood right behind him. "Go!!", I said loudly as I shoved him forward. He screamed in shock and probably was going to beat me up for that. But Noah didn't have a chance to get back at me, because he was falling 50 feet off a waterfall into the pond below us. Once he hit the water and recovered from everything, he looked up at me on top of the mountain and stuck his middle finger up at me. I laughed pretty hard when he did. While I was laughing, Melanie walked over to me and shoved me off the ledge. I didn't even know what happened until I was about 50 feet away from the pond. I guess I was in an awkward stance when Melanie pushed me off, because I was falling in a body-down position. I realized how I was going to land in the water, so I squirled around to try to get my body in a different position, but it was too late. I bellyflopped into the pond so hard that my belly was light red after. I'm not sure how to explain what it felt like, but I'll do my best. It felt like I was at a chiropractor, and they were sticking all of their needles into my stomach, but not in a nice way. It felt like they stuck them in, and pounded on them to make sure the needles went all the way in. Try to imagine that. Obviously, I was pretty mad at Melanie for doing that, but I got over it pretty quickly. But I wanted payback, so I dashed back up the hill and up to where Melanie and Penelope was. Then I marched over to them, and grabbed Melanie and started pushing her over to the ledge. But when I was about to shove her, I tripped over a rock and I fell forward, which pushed Melanie and made me fall of the ledge with her. As we were falling, I grabbed onto her and got my body on top of her back to make sure I didn't get that hurt from the impact. And when we hit the water, Melanie took the full blow of her weight and my weight hitting the water. Once we recovered and got back up to the surface, Melanie looked at me angrily, and punched my arm. "You're such a d*ck", she said as she smiled. I laughed and looked back into her green, hazel eyes. We looked at each other for a few seconds. Then we heard the Penelope wooing as she fell down towards the pond. All three of us looked up and saw her fall down, and hit the surface of the water. Right after she fell into the pond, Melanie looked right back at me. After a few seconds, she spoke up. "Come with me, I wanna show a cool place", she said to me. I looked at her in confusion, and just decided to go along with it. "Ok, where are we going?", I asked. "You'll see", she said as she started swimming towards the land. I followed her. 3:00 P.M Melanie led me to the waterfall that we jumped from, and walked through it. I followed her through the waterfall. Behind it was an entrance to a cave that led inside of the hill. "C'mon", she said as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside the cave. It was dark in there, but I was able to see when she used Lightswifting and made light emit from her hand. We walked through the tunnel that led deeper into the cave. Then I saw the place where the tunnel ended. At the end of the tunnel was a big room that had a little pond. She put her light out because there were cracks all over the place, which made light leak through the walls. The walls were eroding, and it seemed that this place was important for something, I just didn't know what. Then we came to a stop, and she let go of my wrist. We stood there for a few seconds. "Ok? What are we here for?", I asked. "Because I need to tell you something in private", she replied. "Ok? What did you wanna tell me?", I asked. confused. She sighed and looked me in the eyes. "So you know what Todd from the orphanage said about how my parents didn't love me and they just dumped me there?", she asked. I tried to recall what she said. "Yeah, I think so", I replied. "Well, he was right. He was right that my parents didn't love me, or at least they never showed that they did. My parents were Lightswifters and were always busy fighting for the military through the "Lightforce Unit". But our house got destroyed one day and my parents dropped me off at the orphanage. But when they left, they never came back", Melanie explained. I nodded my head in understanding. We sat there awkwardly for a few seconds in silence. "...but what about you? I've never really asked much about you, so I don't know you as well as I'd like to", she said. "Well, I spent most of my life as a normal person. But then about a month or two ago that Dillkonga thing that the lady talked about killed my parents. So because of that, I got sent to the orphanage where I met you", I replied. Melanie nodded her head. Then I sat down next to her. As we sat in silence, I thought about if now was a good time to tell her my feelings for her, and I figured that it was now or never. "Melanie...", I said. "Hmm?", she replied as she looked me back in the eyes. "So there's something that I need to tell you, and it might be a bit weird to hear", I explained. She looked at me curiously. "And what's that?", she said as she tilted her head. I stared into her eyes for a few seconds. I took a deep breath in. "It's that I...li-" Then I got rudely interrupted by Noah and Penelope cheering as they ran down the hallway into the area we were in. Eventually, they got to where we were, and they paused and looked at us when they spotted us. "Melanie, Ky...what're you doing back here?", Penelope asked. "We're just talking", Melanie replied as she looked down. "Ok, we'll dinner's about to be ready guys, so c'mon", Penelope said as she walked back towards the exit. Noah was close behind. Then Melanie looked back at me and sighed. Then she got up and extended her hand down towards me. I grabbed her hand and got up with her at my aid. And as soon as I was upright, she quickly tugged me towards her and hugged me. We hugged for a few seconds, which kind of made me happy because she never has shown any sort of friendly affection towards me. After a few seconds of hugging, she let go of me and stared into my eyes. "And just to let you know, I like you too", she said with a smile on her adorable blushing face. Then she unexpectedly gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran off blushing. I rubbed my cheek in shock and smiled.


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