The Disintegration

14-year-old Ky Jefferson and 17-year-old Noah Jefferson have recently murdered discovered parents by an unknown being! They must avenge their deaths, and solve the mystery of their murdered parents! Will they be able to stop the Disintegration in time?
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Chapter 2 of 14 - 911, what's your emergency?

8:00 P.M. Noah and I stared at the nothingness that was in front of us. "Oh man, that was a good prank!", Noah chuckled. "What are you talking about? This is not a prank you dumbass!", I replied. "Yeah right!", said Noah in disbelief. "Explain what's happening then if you're so smart!" "Wanna hear what I think?!, said Noah. "Yes, I really wanna hear what you think just happened!", I replied. "I think that one of your freak boyfriends was behind the door, and he ran off before we opened the door!" "Wow, that's the best you've got?", I chuckled. "Yes, that's exactly what I think happened!", Noah said confidently. "You're actually stupider than you look!" I said as I walked off to the backyard I looked around the backyard to see if it was still there. Noah was right behind me. "Ky, are you looking for your boyfriend or something?", he said "Shut up!", I said as we both heard someone or something grunting in pain. I scanned the area, but it was now very dark out so I couldn't see almost anything! I noticed something in the dark, and the groaning seemed to be coming from it. We walked over to where it was. It was Mom! I noticed she had a big cut across her shoulder and it went down to her heart. She was bleeding badly and was probably about to die if we didn't do something fast. "Oh my goodness, what happened?!", I asked in terror But she didn't answer me because one of her lungs must've gotten cut so she wasn't able to breathe well. Plus her body was in shock, so she couldn't reply. "Noah, call 911 right now!!", I screamed Noah got out his phone and dialed 911. While he was waiting for them to answer, I tried to stop the bleeding as much as I could. "911, what's your emergency?", the lady on the phone asked. "My mom, she's bleeding out!!, Noah replied in terror. "Ok, honey, I need you to stay calm. Can you do that for me?" "Yes" "Ok, now what happened?" "I don't know, me and my brother just found our Mom in the backyard and she has a deep cut, she's bleeding out!", he explained. Just at that moment, our mother started coughing up a lot of blood. "Oh my gosh, she just started to cough up blood, there's a lot!!", Noah moaned. "Ok, what's your address?", the lady asked. He told the lady our address and the lady said that the police would show up soon. Then at that moment, our Mom stopped breathing. "Oh no, Mom!!!", I screamed as I started CPR on her. I continued doing that for the next 2 minutes, but she never started breathing again. Right when I was about to give up, someone touched my shoulder. I thought it was the monster that I saw, but it was the police. "Stand back! We need defibrillator over here!!", the police officer yelled. The first responders ran over to us with a stretcher and a defibrillator. They put the defibrillator on top of her chest. "Clear!", said the first responder. The shock jolted our Mom as the electricity went through her body. They waited 2 seconds and started CPR on her. "C'mon Mom, c'mon. Don't die on us.", I said in anguish. After trying CPR on her for about 10 seconds, they tried another shock on her, but it didn't work! They eventually gave up. The first responder looked at her watch. "Time of death, 8:32 P.M", she said in a sad voice. Noah and I couldn't believe it, our Mom was dead! Our Dad probably was too, God knows where his body was! That means we don't have any parents to take care of us, we were orphans now! Noah and I started crying as we stared at our Mom's lifeless body. "I'm very sorry, do you have a Dad that you live with?", the police officer asked. "Yes, but he's gone as well! We have no idea where he is! That's actually what my mom and I were out here for!", I explained. "Ok, well we are going to take you two back to the station to ask you some questions ok?" "Ok" Noah and I took one last look at our mother and got in the police car to get taken to the police station. 9:13 P.M "So, tell me what happened", the police officer said. "So, we just had got home from school at about 7:15 this evening, and we just did what we always did on a typical Wednesday.", I explained. "And what is that?" "Homework, watching TV, just stuff like that." "Ok, continue" "So I went to my room and just lay down on my bed after a stressful day of school. Then my Mom called me to the living room. When I went to her, she asked me if I knew where my father was. "And what did you say?", the police said as he leaned in closer. "I said I didn't know. And then I asked why and she said that she tried calling him but all she got was his voicemail." "Do you know why he didn't?" "I just figured that he went to the store and his phone died or something" "Did your father ever show up?", the police officer asked "No, we haven't heard of him or seen him since this morning before school." I replied. "Ok, what happened after that?" "Um, then she said she has something to show me. So then she had me follow her back to the laundry room, and she told me to look at the ground. When I did I saw these blood footprints on the ground which I'm pretty sure are my dad's most likely." "Ok, thank you for sharing that with me. We will have to find your father, and we will see if we can match up the blood to be sure about that. Hopefully, he's still alive. So what happened next?" "Then we heard a crash outside. So we went into the back, and we split up. I saw my dad's washcloth on the ground that he always used to clean himself after working on a car or something. I noticed it was drenched in blood, and then I heard my mom scream. I ran back to where we split up, and my Mom was gone." "And then you found your Mom right?" I paused for a second, thinking about the monster that chased me. I realized that it wouldn't be realistic to the police, so I decided to keep that out of the equation. "Yes" "Ok, now I'm going to bring in your brother next and hear his side of the story" I walked out of the room and my right at that moment, Noah was about to go into the room to talk to the police officer. "What'd they ask?" he asked. "Just what you saw happen and stuff like that", I replied. "Ok" "Noah Jefferson, we're ready for you", the office assistant said. "Ok", Noah said as he started walking to the door. I watched him walk into the room, hoping that he wouldn't mention anything about the monster that I saw.


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