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The demons in the house

the main characters name is Bell. her and her Boyfriend move into a cute little house. they adopted a cat name Willy and have a pretty good life until Bell looks out her window one night and everything changes. WARNING HORROR. I will make more if people like it
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Chapter 1 of 8 - Its on the window

I can remember when we first moved in. We is me and my boyfriend James. We found a really cute house that we liked. It was cheap and in nice shape so we bought it. We moved in and settled down. Everything was fine...for a little bit. Things started to go missing. Things like the remote, our keys, cereal, cookie, etc. Thing wasn't to strange until it started happening more often. To the point where it got really annoying. We thought we had mice so we bought mouse traps and put them in our cabinets and we also bought a Grey cat named Willy. But things went missing and one day I found out why. "Bell!" James yelled. "Bella!" "What?!" I said from the top of the stair case. "I just wanted to tell you I'm going to run down to the store real quick" "Okay" I walked down the stairs and gave him a kiss. "Bye" "See ya when I get back" he opened the door and left. I turned to the living room and sat on the couch. I grabbed the remote. Surprisingly it was on the table and not missing. I turned on the TV. I sat there watching the news and playing on my phone. Everything was quiet. It was kinda creepy being in the house alone. I had a weird feeling. Willy played with his toy ball. His toy ball had a bell inside so every time he hit it it would make a bell sound. I laughed. He would hit it and then run after it then stop and slowly creep up on it sit there and then hit it and repeat. I recorded it with my phone. "Willy your so cute" I said. He stopped and jumped into my lap. I started petting him. He purred. Then there was a CRASH! I jumped. Something had fell down in the kitchen. I stood up and walked towards the sound. Willy followed behind me. I looked into the kitchen. There was broken glass plates and cups everywhere. The cabinet was open like someone had opened it and threw the plates and cups on the floor. "Um James?" I said. "Are you still here?" No answer. I started picking up the glass shards and throwing them into the trashcan. Willy sat next to me and started licking his paws. When I was done I stood up and sighed. "I wounder how this happened?" I asked myself. Willy meowed. I picked him up. "Aw I can't stay mad when you around" I held him in my arms and started petting him. I walked back to the living room. A few minutes later I was in my room. I was texting James when I heard a fate whisper. "Bell" I felt a chill run down my spin. I slowly turned my head. My door was opened I could see out into the hallway. No one was there. I ignored it and look back at my phone. I had a text message from James. it said: Hey Bell so my brother called and he was in a accident. He is okay but he needs help and a ride home so I might be late for dinner. I started typing. Its okay babe go help your bro. I sent it. He relied. Okay thanks babe love you. he sent a kissing emoji with it. I relied. Love you babe. with the same kissing emoji. I sat down my phone. I got up and closed my door. I thought what ever I heard was probably my imagination but I closed it just in case. A few more minutes passed and I was bored. It was dark outside and James was still not here. James sent a texted it said: So uh me, my brother and my dad tried to get the car to his house and it took a lot longer then we thought I'm sorry babe I'm coming home right now. I sighed and replied. Its fine babe just be careful. I ate dinner and went to bed. I couldn't sleep. Willy was sleeping on my legs. I slowly tried to move my legs to get out of bed but I ended up waking him up. His face says: Really mom? you woke me up thanks. I stood up and looked out the window. The moonlight was shining brightly. Our house was next to a forest. In the day the forest was beautiful but at night it was like something from a horror movie. I notice something moving outside. I couldn't see very well because everything was blurry but it looks like a person. it was long like really long and it walked on all fours. I looked closer. It turned its head and looked at me. I quickly closed the blinds and ran to my bed. I grabbed my phone and called James. It rang for a while. My heart was thumbing. "Oh hey babe I know I'm coming but I'm a little ways a way tho so it might-" "James! th-theres something outside our w-window!" "What wait?" "IDONOTKNOWBUTTHERESSOMETHINGOUTSIDEANDIDON-" "Wow wow! I don't understand a word your saying. babe calm down and say it again" I took a deep breath. "There's a weird long man outside our window and I don't know what to do!" "Okay Bell I can't help until I keep home and I'm a ways a way-" I started to cry. "Okay check if he still outside our window?" "O-Okay" I stood up and opened the blinds. It was on the window looking at me. It was long and had a morphed human head. It had 6 arms. The normal set, a second set and the legs are arms. I screamed. "Bell! Whats wrong!" "ITS ON THE WINDOW!" I screamed into the phone as I ran out of the room. Willy followed me down the stairs. "James what do I do!" "Bell stay calm I'm going to call the cops. You need to hide-" I dropped the phone. The thing was on the living room looking at through the window. "Bell! Bell!" James scream. I passed out and hit the ground. The last thing I remember was hitting the ground and hearing James scream my name.


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