Genre: mystery    Tags: #devil #girl #mystery #demon

The demon child

Jackie thinks she is a normal girl. In her eighteenth birthday she suddenly discovered horns on her head. What she really is?
parts: 6

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Chapter 1 of 6 - Jackie's surprise

Jackie was excited, it was her eighteenth birthday. She threw on her favorite blue dress that she had bought two weeks ago and headed downstairs. When she got in the dinning room, her parents screamed at her. When they calmed down a bit Jackie said, "what's wrong?". "Look in the mirror", said her parents. Jackie went into the half bath on the first floor and looked. She screamed at the sight of the two big horns on top of her head. A hour later Jackie woke with a screaming headache. She asked her parents, "what's going on?". Her parents said, "you fainted after seeing those things on your head". Jackie said, "your not my real parents then, otherwise you would have horns to". "Your right, we adopted you after finding you on the street", said her parents. That night Jackie snuck out of her bedroom window to search for her real parents, because she needed to know what she was. As she walked down the road, she heard a siren but there was nowhere to hide, so she just pulled her hoodie over her horns as tight as she could. To her disappointment, the vehicle stopped next to her. As Jackie tried to run, a net came down over her. A man with an all white outfit, brown hair, and brown eyes walked up to her and loaded her into the back of his car and started driving. A few hours later, when they were in the middle of nowhere, the man said, "my name is Brendon and I was your parents butler till they died in that fiery car crash many years ago. I'm glad I found you just in time". "What do you mean just in time?", asked Jackie. "Well, you are a demon and your powers could kill someone if you don't know how to use them. You see a demon starts looking and having powers when their eighteen", said Brendon. "Why eighteen", asked Jackie. "No one knows", said Brendon. The next morning they arrived in front of a grand mansion. "Welcome home", said Brendon. "Wait, what about my adopted parents, are they coming?", asked Jackie. "Your the boss of this place so whatever you want", said Brendon. A week later, Jackie's parents finally arrived. They soon felt right at home and Jackie was happy.


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