Genre: mystery    Tags: #devil #girl #mystery #demon

The demon child

Jackie thinks she is a normal girl. In her eighteenth birthday she suddenly discovered horns on her head. What she really is?

Created by: Annie Johnson

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Chapter 2 of 3 - Evil demon hunter

Brendon quietly took a peek in Jackie's bedroom thinking I can't wait to add her heart to my collection. One night, a month later, as Jackie walked down the hall, something grabbed her. When that something got outside behind a tree, it tied her hands behind her back and said, "it's me Brendon, and I want your heart for my collection". That's when Jackie realized, with sudden terror, brendon had probably killed her parents or had at least taken their hearts in the crash. All a sudden, Brendon shoved something into her mouth. 14 years ago Jackie was excited her parents were taking her on a trip to a special demon island. All a sudden a deer ran out, her parents swerved and the car was rolling. When it finally stopped, Jackie saw a man near her holding a knife and something else. Then she opened her eyes and saw she was on a street but didn't know how she got there or anything from before. Present "Why didn't you just kill me then?", asked Jackie. "Because a demons heart is more valuable when the demon has powers", said Brendon. Then they got in a car. Finally, they were in front of a big log cabin. As Brendon opened the door to get Jackie out, she lunged at him. She slipped the knife from his pocket and stabbed him till he was dead. A month later, after managing to find her way back to the mansion, she stayed and lived with her adopted parents.


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