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The demon angel

A hybrid with a mix of demon and angel. Is this hybrid picked on by others because of her differences? Is she respected because of them?
parts: 2

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Chapter 1 of 2 - The hybrid

Kylie is an abnormal being she is a demon mixed with an angel. Her peers were always afraid while some stereotyped her. But... Kylie was so... Fed up with everyone being afraid and being rude. She had a plan to show everyone who she really was she showed those who were afraid of her the loving side of her and those who stereotyped her the demon within her. She did everything she could to stop being different from the others. She was the leader of the school. But a new student arrived at her school. Someone tougher than her, stronger, and respectable. This student covered up her/his whole body wings, face, head, and more. Nobody knew who this student was. Was she/he even an angel? Nobody knows for sure. Maybe it was a demon. If this student even was really a student. Kiara was suspicious of this "student" covering their face and body. Students spread rumors about this student. All they know is that this student was really shady and had many suspicions.


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