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The Dawn of War

Prologue. In the first days of my birth, it was on fire. The village was of fire while me and my sister were with mom in a safe place. Suddenly a wyvern burst through the roof setting the room ablaze mother tried to get us out but she was stuck trying to fend off the wyvern. I almost died that night and I would've if father came into the room. Mother yelled to get us out and my father did. That is the very reason my mother died, to save me and my sister. Her body was never found after that raid. My father told us"Never to be alone without a weapon." Well, who were we? You might call us dragon riders or Vikings or pirates or Ormr riders but we call ourselves wyvern riders.
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Chapter 1 of 2 - The First Fire

A thumping on the roof I noted to myself tell, "Dad not to fix the roof in the early morning."I went to go change and saw instead of my Dad but a wyvern shooting out flames. How could I forget, it was my sister's "Fire" a day when my sister's wyvern egg hatches. I rushed to the Hall of Feasting and saw that there was no one there but my sister smiling. "Am I late?" "No Chriys, your early!" I sighed in relief but my stomach was growling, maybe I shouldn't have skipped dinner last night. "Where is the food, Sharpshooter?" "Well, do you think that they have food on the table when the Fire hasn't even started. Are you still sleeping?" "Well that depends what you mean about sleeping" Sharpshooter rolled her eyes at me which was underaged behavior for 16-year-olds. I still have the pleasure of doing that because I was only 14 so I did it back. Just then a couple of Sharpshooters friends walked in and congratulated her. Too bad I didn't have many friends because I couldn't lift 85 pounds of weight. (Very stupid reason because I'm cool) I looked at the rising sun so about 15 minutes until the ceremony. Sharpshooter pulled me in a corner to talk. "Do you want to wake Dad up?" "By doing what?" with a knowing smirk. "Oh maybe cooking a pig or dumping raw fish in ice-cold water on him" "Wow, that's a terrible way to wake up but I love it." "So in other words do both." "Oh yes," We both went to get the materials and meet up next to Dad's bed. It was much softer than most beds because he was the chief of the village. We "cooked" up the pig first and the smell wafted to Dad's sleeping body. "1" "2" "3" We splashed the cold water and fish on his face. He shot up straight up and saw our smiling faces. "Not funny and is that roasted guts I smell?" "No," Sharpshooter said with a smirk, "that smell is a perfectly good pig getting cooked." "No, that other smell the burning wood one," "You forgot to tell the wyverns to stop breathing fire!" We rushed out of the house and saw a small hut on fire. It was only a small price to pay and my Dad ordered to fix the house in the evening. All the dragons settled down and went to the Hall of Feasting. The Fire just started when we rushed in, good timing. My sister took out the egg in her pouch and put it in the "Ring of Fire" which was not on fire yet. To hatch a wyvern you have to put it in a warm place, the best warm place you can put it is in a fire. It just so happens that the egg is fireproof but can absorb heat. Sharpshooter came back to the table and asked, "What type of wyvern is it?" "I don't know," "Same hopefully, it's a strong wyvern" We passed to each other different wyvern types and then the food arrived chicken, cow, pig, fish, and sheep. I chowed down everything, it was so delicious. The cow was salted with sea salt and the chicken was fresh. I ate for such a long time that it was almost the afternoon. I was stuffed but our father told us not to eat too much because wild wyverns would like to come and eat the food. Then I went outside to continue my project. I slipped into my house and opened a trapdoor under my weapon racket. I was building a wyvern catcher. It shoots out a rope covered in wyvern scales from the volcanic wyverns and now I have to add one more thing, string. That's when it happened, the first attack in my life happened.


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