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The Break In

This is the story of a kid who experiences a break in at his house which was very scary for him and his mother and will never forget this incident.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - The Incident - The First And The Last Chapter

Long time ago Lucas and his mother were going to go to a restaurant for dinner. They booked table for 3 online and waited for his father at home. Then they heard a sound....it was a phone notification at Lucas's mother's phone. It was a message from the restaurant saying that the restaurant is closed due to heavy rain. And will refund the money and the table for 3 is canceled. They were sad and tried other restaurants but the whole town's restaurants were closed. They were disappointed because they did not went for a family dinner for a longtime now. Then Lucas's mother revived a call from her husband saying that he was not able to make it to the meeting. And now he has to do overtime and he will come tomorrow. And she told him that restaurant is closed. Then she hung up and went to her room. After some time Lucas came running to her mother saying that he saw a dark figure outside the window. And as he said that the lights went. Lucas started crying. Her mother said that it has went due to rain but other houses lights were on. she checked the electricity and it was ok. And that meant someone had switched it off from the main switch. None of them did that. Then Lucas said I think the figure did it. There was a window from which the main switch was visible. When they went to the window the figure was there. They were scared and they hid in the closet. And she covered his mouth. Then they heard footsteps coming upstairs she has locked the door. But they heard a sound of key turning. But It was not opening then it started open she came out and got ready. The signal was weak so no call was happening. Then she was ready to attack. when the door opened there was his father with pizza. and he said “am I late? My boss allowed me to come home. The restaurant was closed so I bought pizza from office canteen. She asked how did the lights went he oh I forgot to pay the electricity bill so they turned it off. They were in a sight of relief, and they ate pizza happily ever after. -Naamjit Singh Ahluwalia

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