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That Girl

That Girl is about an orphanage who could never fit in she then decides to run away. The orphanage runs finds friends and goes on more adventures. Follow her on her journey!

Created by: Galaxytron

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Chapter 1 of 1 - My plan

The orphanage was only baby coming into the orphanage, she could never fit in because of her name Lillee. You may think that's a normal name but it was an illegal name in her country, so the orphanage called her Chloe. The orphanage couldn't stand her they would beat her and treat her unfairly. Chloe had enough and ran away many times but got caught and that made her life worse. Chloe couldn't stand this treatment and convinced the other girls to help her escape if they found them families. it was 12:00 at night May 17th 1954, Chloe got everything she needed, some food (that she stole) and books. All the girls silently crept to the attic and instead of lifting Chloe they pushed her down the window and started running toward the keeper of the orphanage. Chloe got up an ran as fast as she can to the forest, she was running for over an hour now and couldn't breathe she fell to the ground and lost control of her body. " What's going on?" she wondered" Did I escape?" She saw a huge white light in front of her.

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