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Taylor is a teenage boy who is having a conflict with himself and his family. Taylor then decided to move to Oregon. When he arrives, his life becomes an era of spiciness.
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Chapter 1 of 1 - Introduction

Hey, there. My name is Taylor. I'm eight-teen years old. I have a little sister named Liliana. She's eight. My mom died four years ago. So, a step-mom "replaced" my original mom. Then there's my dad. So, it's me,step-mom, Liliana, and Dad. So, now you know who my family is. Whatsoever, life is difficult right now! It's barely, (never, actually) peaceful. Dad and (step-)mom are always arguing at midnight! What's the worst is that we barely have money. Which is unfortunate. Then there's conflicts with myself. My dad always tells me that I need a job. I get it, dad, you're calling me a lazing person. I wish I had a job, to be honest. Then (step-) mom told me to find 'love'. Not yet, sheesh! Tuesday I'm on my laptop, scrolling down at job applications. None really fit my style. "School Janitor" "Trucker" "Bouncer". I scroll, and scroll until I find this!: "Tree Farm: Worker". I love volunteering! So I apply for that job. ~/Weeks Later/~ Yes! Thank you, God! They accepted my application! But, I didn't notice: the job is in Oregon! I sigh loudly. I tell my dad and (step-)mom that I applied for a job and accepted but the job is in Oregon. My (step-)mom clapped and shredded tears of joy. My dad raised his eyebrows. "But the problem is that this job is at Oregon a-" I told them but my mom said: "We will go to Oregon!". Oh boy. An era will begin. I had lots of questions!: "Will this job give me lot's of money?","Will I actually find 'love' at Oregon-" wait. Why love. Of course not. I don't think so.

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