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Stranded Alone

A group of three friends are taking an airline to visit in Northern Japan. But the airplane they are taking crashes in the Taiga Forest in Russia. They must deal with an unexpected weapon that the Russians have made that may have a mind of its own. Can they make it back to human civilization alive, or will they be stranded alone for the rest of their lives?
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Chapter 1 of 2 - Flight 247

"11 hours?!", Mia asked in shock as she leaned against the front desk. "Yes ma'am, the flight should take approximately 11 hours. But don't worry, the time will pass by like it was nothing if you don't think about it", the flight accountant explained. "What time is the flight?", Karen asked. "Let's see...flight 247 available times are...5:00 P.M", the flight accountant said as she looked through the computer. Karen and Mia got their tickets, thanked the flight accountant and walked over to Micheal who was leaning his back against the desk to the right of them, scrolling through his phone. He had all of their bags they were taking to where they were going right next to him. All three of them were friends ever since the 3rd grade, and they were taking a trip to Russia for one month for part of their summer fun spree they always take. They were flying from Winthrop, Maine to Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Micheal glanced up from his phone and noticed the girls walking towards him. "You got the tickets?", Micheal asked as he put his phone in his pocket. "Yep, we have flight 247 at 5:00 this evening", Mia replied. "Great", he replied. "Well, let's find something to do to pass the time", Karen said. They ended up just hanging out in the arcade for a few hours and blew almost over $100 there. ____________________________________________________________________________________ They were almost late for their flight because they got caught up playing and betting on games in the arcade. They were scrambling trying to get to the boarding line (there actually wasn't much of a line when they got there). They showed the person at the door to the plane their tickets and they got on board. The plane wasn't as packed as they expected. There were only 50 people on board and the maximum was about 300. They found their seats in one of the back rows of the plane. Micheal sat in the seat closest to the window. Once Mia and Karen put their bags above the seats, they started to fight over who got what spot. After a few minutes of arguing, Micheal had enough. "Guys! Just sit your asses down ok?!", Micheal demanded with a serious look on his face. The girls looked at Micheal and looked back at each other. Then Karen sat down in the middle next to Micheal, and Mia sat in the seat closest to the aisle. Micheal relaxed without realizing that he was tensing up the whole time. Then the flight attendant came over the loudspeaker. She told the passengers everything they needed to know and to do just in case of emergencies. The friends never really pay attention to the flight attendant as she goes over that stuff. They (more like almost no one) don't think that something bad will happen. Then the plane stopped in front of the long stretch of the runway. They waited a few seconds before the plane started picking up speed. It got faster and faster and before they knew it, they were in the air. Now was the time everyone on that plane wasn't looking forward to, the long long flight across the world in front of them. After about 2 minutes, the flight attendant came over the loudspeaker. "We have reached our cruising altitude, so feel free to walk around the cabin", she said. Right then, quite a few people unbuckled and kicked back their chairs. Micheal did the same, and Karen was soon after. "You know what guys? We should've wore comfier clothing. Cause we're gonna be here for a long time", Mia stated as she kicked back her chair. "Eh, I think we'll be fine", Micheal replied in a casual voice. "Yeah, me too", Karen agreed. Mia relaxed back in her chair and pulled out her phone. All of them have quite different personalities, yet they are relatively the same age. Micheal and Mia 22, and Karen is 23. Though they can be very immature at times, they are able to focus and get things done when it matters most. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Flight 247 flew through the sky above the ocean for the next 9 hours. Everyone went to sleep at about hour 5 of being on the plane. But they all got woke up when there was a big boom. The pilot came over the loudspeaker. "Mayday, mayday, mayday! One of our plane engines on one of our wings have exploded! Everyone, prepare for an emergency landing!!", the pilot screamed in grief. The plane started plummeting down from the clouds. Everyone began to panic, screaming for their lives. Micheal, Mia, and Karen were all in panic as well. Micheal tried his best to calm himself down and tried to with the others. But it never worked, because everyone was so loud so they couldn't hear him. The plane started to do a barrel roll as for one of the wings of the plane was blown off. The pilots decided to try to save themselves and grabbed the only two parachutes on the plane. The main pilot jumped off but his parachute got jammed and he fell to his death. The co-pilot jumped off as the plane was upside down, and he got sucked into the remaining wings' jet engine. Causing a blood bath on Micheal, Mia, and Karen's side of the plane. No one had a way to tell when the impact would happen, and it was only a matter of time when it did. At this point, the people who weren't strapped in were flying all over the place. But three friends were smart and buckled up as soon as the pilot announced they were gonna crash. The surface of the Earth was getting closer to them, and from the looks of it, they were gonna land in a lake in the Russian Taiga forest. Everyone who had a view of where they were going to crash braced for impact. Within a few seconds, they crashed into the deep lake. ___________________________________________________________________________________


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