Star Boy

Man goes into space and when he comes back the world is frozen and everyone is dreaming, stopped in their spot.
parts: 3

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Chapter 1 of 3 - In Shock

Aaron quickly found the steering wheel and began to turn toward shore. He was still in shock of what he saw. Aaron has tried pushing the people, and pinching as hard as he could, but everyone was still frozen. Suddenly, Aaron spotted a sliver of land, not far off. He steered toward it. When they arrived, Aaron realized this was a beach, sprinkled with people of all ages. They too were still. One girl was stopped mid- scream, looking down at a crab. It wasn't moving a muscle either. “Not just the people” thought Aaron. Then he looked down at Bob and remembered he needed to get to the doctors. “Don't worry bud” whispered Aaron. He lugged him off the beach and on to the main road. Everyone was frozen, on the streets or in their cars. Some were frozen with their finger half way up their nose! “Ewww...” was Aaron's first thought. After he walked for a while more, he was delighted to see a hospital standing before them. He brought Bob to a bed on the second floor and then whispered, “stay here. I will check you everyday to give you food and water.” Then he said, “ I'm going to see what is happening.”


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