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Soul Eater Sally

Rumors are going around Meadowpeak High about a woman named Sally, otherwise known as Soul Eater Sally. She is a dangerous, blood thirsty killer going around whenever she desires, murdering people. They say she is by their school, ready to attack any moment. Because of this, it sparks interest in 3 kids to go looking for her and try not to be killed.
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Chapter 1 of 5 - Sudden Screaming

It was another boring, Summer school day in Meadowpeak High. I was in science with Jay, one of my best friends, and we just got done doing an assignment about cell structure. This may sound like a normal school day experience, but trust me... It's not. The woman I saw was so... Terrifying. This is the story of how I almost died. “Alright, class! Turn your assignments in quickly, the bell is about to ring. Anybody who didn't complete their work has to stay and finish it up.” Mr. Allyson announced as he rose from his chair. Most of the kids got up and turned in their assignments to him. I quickly put my name on it and turned it in to him. Once the bell rang, me and Jay walked to our last class, math. As we were on our way to the classroom, Ms. Goldensoth came out of the room, greeting us. After we were done talking, we went inside the classroom and sat at our seats. My seat was in the first row by the window. Jay's seat was in the second row behind me, and another one of my friends, Layla, sat next to Jay. “Hey Makaila!” Jay said to me. I turned around to face him and Layla. “Yeah?” I asked. “Have you ever heard of Soul Eater Sally?” He asked with a little suspense in his voice. “Soul Eater Sally? No, that sounds like a stupid name.” Jay and Layla's jaws dropped from what I said. In their eyes I saw aghast... “You're joking... Right?” Layla said weakly. Questions started to roam in my mind. Was I too harsh on them? Was it a family member of theirs?! “Wh-Who is she?” I managed to say, choking up my words. “Don't worry, no need to feel guilty. Not everybody knows about her.” Jay replied. The bell rang, and it only took a few minutes for Ms. Goldensoth to come back into the room. Thankfully we weren't doing anything too hard, we were just doing linear equations! She handed us our sheets of work and thankfully I was done before the bell rang. I folded my arms and rested my head on them, finally relaxing. Once Layla, Jay, and Phoenix (another one of my friends) noticed I was done; they came over and sat in the desks in front of me. Once they did, I rose my head up. The question about Sally popped into my head once more, who is she? I couldn't help but ask. “So, Jay... Tell me more about-” Suddenly, the sound of a blood-curdling scream ran through the halls. The whole class went silent, and my heart started to race. Did somebody just get killed?! As the unknown person was screaming, the lights began to flicker. Ms. Goldensoth got up and opened the door slowly, checking to see if somebody was in the hallway. When she came back in, she had a confused look on her face. One of my classmates asked who it was. Ms. Goldensoth said there was nobody in the halls and that we could talk for the last 5 minutes. Whispering arose in the class as Ms. Goldensoth called the main office. We were all in awe about what just happened...


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