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Son of Ink: Benicio Drew

You just got a job at Domain Casino and are very excited, but unfortunately, nothing is perfect. There are so many things to be afraid of. You're in for a ride with the one and only Mob boss, Benicio Drew, your long lost friend, Abel Angel, and their crew. What could happen?...Info: (Y/N) means 'Your Name'
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Chapter 1 of 14 - One drink at a time

Today is my first day on the job at Domain Casino. Of course, I'm excited about the job just as my parents were. It's my turn to follow in their footsteps. My father, Stanley Bond, is a bartender. He is very good at his job, but I like to give most of the credit to my mom, who also was a bartender. She taught him everything he knows. I don't like talking about her a lot to my dad, though. Her name was Julia Bond. When I was about....six? Yeah, that's it. When I was six years old my mom was doing her regular shift at Marca's Bar and grill, when a dumb lot of underage boys came in. Dad said there were at least four or five of them. They had fake ID's and nobody cared if they looked about seventeen. For some reason, one of the boys was armed and got drunk that night. He pulled out a gun and started shooting everything and everyone in his way... and the first one who just had to get shot was my mother. I thought it was devastating to think about, but I was never really close to her. She didn't want anything to do with me, but with my dad... that's a whole other story. They loved each other like no love I've ever seen before. It's sad to think that my dad has been through so much, but good to know that he is still keeping a smile on his face. He hides a lot from me, but I always seem to figure it out. He is a happy, healthy worker. About me... hm. My name is (Y/N) and I am twenty-two years old. Pretty young for a new bartender, but it's always worth the extra buck. I am a toon myself, cute, small, but not too small. I have wavey, chestnut brown hair with ocean blue eyes. I was told that it's was gonna be a little difficult to work as a bartender because Domain Casino is the largest and most popular Casino in all of Toon Town, which means it will be a little crowded and harder to serve people all at once. But, it probably won't be as hard as they say. I've had my fair share of experience through my dad's work. The only thing I'm scared of is the attention I might draw toward myself. I don't know how others may see me, and sometimes it's better that way. It scares me especially when I'm working with my dad. What will he think about all the weird looks I may get? It probably won't be hard to tell. He sure knows how to express any feelings he has. That may be why I always figure out what's wrong with him. He cares about me, so he would go to the manager or take care of business himself. I don't know, they'll see me or they won't, it's whatever. . .. ... .. . You look over at the time and realize you only have fifteen minutes to get ready. You're supposed to be there by six o'clock. Your shift ends at ten. You jump up and hurry off to your room. You just got this new uniform to go with the aesthetic of the building. It was a nice white shirt with a black bow tie. There were black skinny jeans (not cheap ones at that) that had two gold buttons on the front. You put on your wedged boots and straightened your bow. You put your hair in a nice, but messy bun. A few strands fell slowly on your face. You did your makeup and grabbed your coat. Quickly, you ran to get your keys and went to your car. You looked at your watch and realized that you had five minutes to be there. You pulled out the driveway and drove down the road. 'Just on time' you thought to yourself. You got to the Casino just in the nick of time. You ran to the side door then stopped to straighten up, then you walked in. Everyone in the room looked over and stared at you. Then, one woman walked up and welcomed you. "How are you! We'll have someone show you around if you need." She said with pure excitement. She had short, blonde, angelic hair. Almost white. She was much taller than you, and everyone else for that matter. She had a more professional look to her. 'She's probably the manager' you thought, very confused, but happy at the same time. "No no, I know my way around this place like the back of my hand," you replied. She took a step closer and leaned to my eye level. "Ah, your Mr. Bond's little girl aren't you," she grinned. "Yes, ma'am," I said, trying to keep a presentable smile on my face. "Alright then, I'll take you to your station," She said, whipping her head behind her, "Follow me, please." They came out of the small room and into the main area. There were so many people, fancily dressed and seemed to be having fun. You did see one woman crying on the other side of the room and sneered. 'She's probably in huge debt,' you thought. You walked past the games and neer the side of the main room to the bar. It was packed with different kinds of drinks and glasses. She leads you to the wood door to the side where you come in. "Here we are, I hope you enjoy your time here..." she said. "It's the busiest!" She seemed preppy and entertained by all the games and the smiles. . .. ... .. . The music was always catchy and had so much rhythm. I loved the electric swing and big band. Once in a while, they will play soft music, like Lofi Hip-hop or jazz. I looked up to see who was singing next. I was surprised to see the blonde lady was on the stage. 'So she's not the manager?' I thought to myself. She lifted her chin and the voice of an angel spewed from inside her. She was a really good singer, one of the best in my opinion. I sat up and tapped my feet to the rhythm, watching her word after word in astonishment. It's peaceful in my part of the casino. It's a large space, but there's always a conversation to listen to and so many people to talk to and laugh with. The drunks were always funny, but a little unsettling. Good thing we have people to take care of them here. I like to experiment with different drinks and make new colors and such. One guy was watching me do it and asked what kind of drink it was. I was going to be completely honest, "It's uh- a mix of everything," I replied. He seemed entertained and asked if he could get one. I was surprised, and a little clueless on what to do, but I accepted and started working. He was watching closely, so I tried to be as precise as possible. Once I was finished, I prepped it up made it look nice, then gave it to him. It was light violet color with little gold strands in it, probably from the gold flakes in the Goldschlägery. He was astonished! He turned the glass around many times admiring the colors and effort I had put into the drink. He looked up at me and pulled out his wallet. "I'll give it to you, you are very talented. Here," He pulled two twenty dollar bills out and gave them to me. "Wha- Sir I can't take that much.." I said. "No no, I insist." He looked very professional and clever. I couldn't refuse the offer. "Thank you so much." I took the twenties and watched him take the glass and walk to the pool area to watch the game. 'Wow..' I thought. He was so strange. It felt like I was being admired, but also in danger at the same time. There was something about him that just blew my mind. He had a scar on his neck for some reason, which made me think a little bit. 'What happened there?...' He was tall and fit, almost too fit. He was well dressed and looked like... a demon? That's what made me uncomfortable. I guess it wasn't his fault he was drawn that way, but he was super lucky indeed. With a figure like that? I would have fallen for him in a split second. Wait... ugh, what am I thinking. Back to work, (Y/N). . .. ... .. .


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